"But we are encouraging families like you to join our happy planet. D'vouran is paradise."

D'vouran was a planet that devoured anything it came in contact with.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

"You think you will be eaten by a creature beneath the planet. You do not realize that you will be eaten by the planet itself!"

The only permanent inhabitants were the Enzeen, a blue-skinned parasitic species with hair of spikes, literally living off the land through a symbiotic relationship with the planet. They were not indigenous, having been relocated to D'vouran by Borborygmus Gog. In the middle of the night slurping noises were often heard, created by the Enzeen as they sucked nutrients from the planet's soil with their tube-like tongues. The planet provided them with sustenance, because they attracted more food to the planet.

At the core of D'vouran, beings were digested slowly as the planet used each and every piece of nutrient. It was a pain that was supposed to last one week. A being was consumed via little holes in the ground that the planet made, leaving no trace of the victim. Most suffocated while being consumed this way. Those thrown into the Heart of D'vouran were slowly consumed over the week and suffered as it occurred.

The Enzeen claimed "Our Goal is to Serve", however their real intentions were to serve any visitor to D'vouran. One could prevent oneself from being consumed by the planet by hovering over it (not touching the ground) or wearing a specially designed amulet, which afforded protection. It was not a real amulet, it was a field generator. The generator was created by the scientists who created D'vouran. It protected them from laser bolts and from the planet itself. However, it was accidentally tossed into the heart of the planet by the lead Enzeen, Chood, when he fell in after the rest of the Enzeen. Its powers made the heart of the planet go crazy and the surface turn to mud as if it was molten.

History[edit | edit source]

Before the planet took on its devouring nature, it was a beautiful blue-green world. The Misanthrope captained by Kevreb Bebo discovered the planet and crash-landed there. After its crew started to disappear, the Imperials sent a report that everyone had died except the captain in the crash; however most of the crew survived, and sent out a distress call. The crew was disappearing and they knew they needed a place to stay.

The crew stumbled across an Imperial outpost and made it their base camp. The crew, however, still needed to periodically check the distress beacon. None who ventured to check it returned. Finally, only two crew members remained: Bebo and his friend Lonni. Lonni refused to come out of the hideout until Bebo finally convinced her that everything was safe. Ironically, the planet devoured her when she left.

It was later discovered that D'vouran was the first of the six scientific experiments of Project Starscream, led by Borborygmus Gog. However, when it swallowed the field generator, the planet spun out control because of too much power, and it seemed that it destroyed itself. The real truth was that the planet transported to a different system. Although mud like lava covered the planet after it swallowed the amulet, it was restored to its original form later. A pilot discovered the planet again in a different system.

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