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A Maxillipede shuttle was captured by the Galactic Republic and used to carry out a mission. The leader of the mission was Colonel Meebur Gascon, and the crew was made up of several droids, who were called the D-Squad. The ship had CIS markings, and it was painted in the "traditional" Separatist colors white and dark blue/purple. It also has places for astromech droids to go and make external repairs to the ship.


After the shuttle was captured, it was used by D-Squad as a transport from Coruscant to the Separatist dreadnought that D-Squad was going to infiltrate. After it arrived at its destination, WAC-47, the pilot, set it on a collision course with the Separatist ship. In response, the shuttle was pulled into the dreadnought hangar with a tractor beam. Several battle droids came onto the ship to check for lifeforms, and escorted D-Squad off for interrogation. D-Squad was able to escape from their escort, however, obtain the encryption module they had come for, and escape on the shuttle into hyperspace amidst the confusion they had caused.

While in hyperspace, the droids of D-Squad were working to repair one of their damaged comrades, M5-BZ, when they received a warning from the navicomputer that they were going to travel into a comet starm. WAC-47 exited hyperspace into a multitude of icy chunks, which seriously damaged the ship. Some of the astromech droids of D-Squad tried to repair the ship, and were able to bring back auxiliary power, but they had to return to the inside of the ship after one was knocked off into space and was saved only by a hastily extended magnetic cable. Unable to maneuver, the shuttle crashed in the Void on Abafar. D-Squad then left its wreckage behind to search for some means of rescue.



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