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"You are our secret weapons."
―Mace Windu, to the droids of D-Squad[src]

D-Squad was a five-member droid squad formed by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, consisting of QT-KT, U9-C4, R2-D2, M5-BZ, and Corporal WAC-47. Led by Colonel Meebur Gascon, D-Squad was sent to steal an encryption module from a Providence-class carrier/destroyer.


"The Jedi Council placed in command of this most crucial operation an unexperienced military tactician and tasked a team of used droids to complete it. Their failure to complete their mission in a timely manner nearly resulted in the loss of all life at the Republic Valor strategy conference."
Wilhuff Tarkin, in a memorandum to Palpatine[src]

After securing the encryption module, D-squad prepared to return to Coruscant, but their hyperspace calculation took them head first into a comet storm. After sustaining critical damage, the droids and Meebur Gascon were forced to land on the remote planet Abafar to find a new ship. The team walked through the desert-like "void" of Abafar for a significant time in search of a settlement, but to no avail. Gascon, out of sheer despair, threw himself to the ground and he, along with WAC-47, stayed behind whilst the other droids continued on. Eventually, a stampede of avian creatures would carry them to a settlement, where the team was reunited and WAC-47 was promoted to the rank of corporal by Gascon.

The squad later made their way into the settlement. While Gascon sent the droids to search for "unfriendlies", he and WAC went into a diner owned by Borkus. After announcing who they were, they were quickly shooed out. While searching for more food, they discovered Gregor, who worked as the dishwasher of the diner. Gascon determined that Gregor was a clone trooper, but the man did not believe him, and did not even know what a clone was. He actually had amnesia, and later remembered his past.


D-Squad enlisted the help of the clone commando, Gregor

After procuring Gregor's armor from Borkus, the D-Squad raced into the Separatist area, just outside the settlement, trying to board a ship to get off the planet. All of the droids except M5-BZ and Gascon made it to the ship easily. While Gregor held off the battle droids, he helped M5-BZ and Gascon up. They safely got to the ship, but Gregor stayed below and continued to fight. He deactivated many battle droids, but was believed to be killed due to the sheer number of droids and explosions. Gascon promised that they would never forget Gregor's sacrifice and vowed to watch for his return.

D-Squad then disembarked on the Republic cruiser in orbit of Abafar, where they discovered that the ship had been commandeered by Separatists. Upon encountering surviving Republic droids, D-Squad learns that the Separatists have loaded large quantities of rhydonium aboard the cruiser, intending to blow it up at a space station in the Carida system, the site of the Republic Strategy conference.

But before they could act on this information, Gascon and the Republic chase a buzz droid to stop it from alerting the other battle droids. They chase the buzz droid into one of the gun batteries, only to find a whole swarm waiting for them. Surrounded, Artoo creates a ring of fire around his compatriots to keep the buzz droids from getting at them. M5-BZ then made a daring move to blow the buzz droids out the airlock. The Republic droids quickly magnetized their feet to avoid being sucked out but Beezee wasn't so lucky and was sucked out into hyperspace along with the buzz droids.

Vowing to not let Beezee's sacrifice be in vain, Gascon came up with a plan to thwart the Separatist plot. As he led the droids back to their shuttle, Artoo went for the bomb trigger, intending to reprogram it to trigger the rhydonium to detonate prematurely. Unfortunately, a super tactical droid was already prepping the detonator. Though Gascon wanted to go back for Artoo, WAC initiated takeoff. D-Squad managed to get to safety as Artoo managed to complete his task, destroying the cruiser before it could tear apart the station. Anakin Skywalker dispatched salvage teams into the wreckage in search of the heroic astromech, who managed to find Artoo and repair him. Gascon commended Artoo's bravery and said that he'd be willing to serve with D-Squad again. WAC then told him that D-Squad and the other Republic droids have been assigned to his platoon, allowing them to see each other every day for the rest of the war. An unenthusiastic Gascon then started sobbing at this news.



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