This article is about the D-type trifoil fighter. You may be looking for the D-type stealth freighter.

The D-type starfighter was a starfighter built and used exclusively by the Yevetha, an alien race living in the Koornacht Cluster.


The D-type had better acceleration and maneuverability than most Human-designed starfighters since Yevethans could physically tolerate more g-force and had an edge in inertial dampening technology. It was very effective in atmosphere, but it had no weapons capable of harming shielded capital ships.


These fighters saw heavy use during the Black Fleet Crisis against the other inhabitants of the Koornacht Cluster in the Yevethan Purge, as well as against the New Republic. Due to their lack of anti-capital ship weapons, these fighters were ordered on kamikaze missions against New Republic vessels in the final stages of the Battle of N'zoth.



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