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"The neural inhibitor isn't just for bounty hunters; it is also a recommended piece of equipment for pirates looking to subdue a prize with minimal casualties."
―Captain Rislar[src]

The Mennotor DAS-430 Neural Inhibitor was a launcher of small, hollow darts that included a neurotoxin to paralyze a target for ten minutes without killing it.

During the Galactic Civil War, the bounty hunter Merrck Nall extended the use of this weapon among other professionals of his field. Some pirates, including Rislar, were also fond of this non-lethal gun. The Inhibitor was sold through the illegal Gundark's Gear Datalog.


A DAS-430 projectile launcher

The DAS-430 Neural Inhibitor, developed by Mennotor, was an electromagnetic projectile launcher that fired hollow darts filled with poison. Each dart was six centimeters long and two millimeters wide, and was loaded with a neurotoxin that affected most sentient species. A target hit by a dart first suffered the ill effects of the impact and then was affected by the poison, which commonly caused a non-lethal, ten-minute paralysis. Particularly massive or resilient beings were known to be more resistant to this. Specialized toxins for specific species were available to focus the intensity of the neurotoxin onto a particular species.[1]


In use during the Galactic Civil War, the Neural Inhibitor was sometimes mistaken for a common blaster. It found widespread use among bounty hunters, particularly after it was used by hunter Merrck Nall.[1] Before 4 ABY, the Neural Inhibitor was used by many bounty hunters including Chenlambec the Wookiee, Yarr Gatonne, Saras Krenin of House Benelex, Sabran of House Paramexor, Merrck Nall's son Gradress Nall of House Salaktori,[4] and Sirenas Firil.[5]

A number of pirates including as Captain Rislar also used this technology as a means to knock down enemies without killing them. Rislar even posted about this in Gundark's Gear Datalog, an illegal catalog where people could buy this and other restricted items.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

A neural inhibitor in use

First mentioned in the role-playing book Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters (1994), the Inhibitor is described as causing six dice of stun damage in chapter seven, a stat repeated in the later book Gundark's Fantastic Technology: Personal Gear.[1] The Inhibitor is listed in the gear of several notable hunters in chapter six of Galaxy Guide 10 and in the adventure Two for the Price of One, with abbreviated stats that consistently specify that it causes only five dice of stun damage.[4][5] Chapter seven also specifies that shooting the Inhibitor used either the Dexterity attribute or a little-used specialized skill in firearms,[4] one that none of the notable hunters owning the Inhibitor had.[4][5]



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