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The DC-15A blaster carbine, also referred to as the DC-15S blaster, was a blaster carbine model used by the Grand Army of the Republic and was the precursor to the E-11 blaster rifle used by the Galactic Empire. While smaller than the larger DC-15A blaster rifle, both could be referred to as blaster rifles.


A DC-15A blaster carbine

The DC-15A blaster carbine had the same shot capacity as the DC-15 blaster rifle, but a shorter range. One of the standard-issue weapons for the clone troopers during the Clone Wars, the DC-15A was a reliable blaster capable of both sustained fire and slower, long-range accuracy. The variable power output could be controlled by the clone trooper and included a low-powered stun setting.[4] The blaster was fitted with a folding stock that could be extended for extra stability.[10] The weapon could also be mounted on a tripod. DC-15A carbines could be outfitted with sniper scopes and also worked in conjunction with the holographic data readouts inside a clone's helmet.[4] Clone troopers could also attach ascension cables to their carbines to scale high walls.[11]

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