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The DC-15A blaster carbine, also referred to as the DC-15S blaster, was a blaster carbine model used by the Grand Army of the Republic. It was part of the DC-15 family.[3] While smaller than the larger DC-15A blaster rifle, both could be referred to as blaster rifles. It was one of the most common weapons issued to clone troopers during the Clone Wars and were used during many battles. Clone stormtroopers and other Imperial troops, such as TK troopers, continued to make use of the blaster throughout the early years of the Galactic Empire.[14] Eventually, both variants of the DC-15A blaster rifles were phased out of Imperial military use, and were succeeded by the E-11 medium blaster rifle and the DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle.



DC-15A-blaster carbines fired blue energy bolts.

The DC-15A blaster carbine had the same shot capacity as the DC-15A blaster rifle, but a shorter range. One of the standard-issue weapons for the clone troopers during the Clone Wars, the DC-15A was a reliable blaster capable of both sustained fire and slower, long-range accuracy. The variable power output could be controlled by the clone trooper and included a low-powered stun setting.[6] The blaster was fitted with a folding stock that could be extended for extra stability.[15] The weapon could also be mounted on a tripod. DC-15A carbines could be outfitted with sniper scopes and also worked in conjunction with the holographic data readouts inside a clone's helmet.[6] Clone troopers could also attach ascension cables to their carbines to scale high walls.[4]

The blaster was also used by Imperial troops.[9] Clone troopers continued to use the blaster during the early years of the Empire.[14] TK stormtroopers also used the DC-15A carbine.[16] Despite it being outdated, Captain Rex still continued to use one when he trained Ezra Bridger in blaster training. Rex's carbine was able to shoot yellow bolts.[11]

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A DC-15A carbine fitted with ascension cable launcher.


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