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The DC-15 blaster rifle was the standard blaster rifle of the Republic clone troopers,[1] elite soldiers of the Grand Army of the Republic.[5] It was later used by Purge Troopers of the Galactic Empire.[6] A version with a wooden stock was the standard weapon of the Senate Commandos. It was a larger, heavier and more powerful long-range alternative to the DC-15A blaster.[1]

The blaster used replaceable tibanna gas cartridges for ammunition, and set on low power the blaster could fire up to five hundred shots of plasma bolts.[1]

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The DC-15 blaster rifle is based on the design of the German MG34 machine gun, which was used during World War II.[7]

In the section on the DC-15 blaster rifle Ultimate Star Wars states that a on it's maximum power a "DC-15A can yield to 300 shots and can leave a .05-meter (1.6-foot) hole in a ferroconcrete."



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