This article is about the side arm blaster pistol. You may be looking for the DC-15S blaster carbine.

"The DC-15s blaster isn't my favorite weapon, but it never runs outta ammo, and that counts for something in a firefight."
―Clone Commando RC-1207[src]

The DC-15s side arm blaster was a blaster pistol created by BlasTech Industries for the Grand Army of the Republic. DC-15s pistols were used by clone commandos as a backup in addition to the heavier DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System. The energy cell kept the blaster recharging at a slow but steady rate.


BlasTech's DC-15s side arm was a blaster pistol that fired charged plasma bolts. While not as powerful as regular DC-15 blasters, the DC-15s was handy in close-quarters combat, or when conserving ammo was necessary. The DC-15s had a recharge rate of one round per second and was capable of seven consecutive shots with energy fully recharged; after seven shots, the user had to wait for recharge of energy for at least one shot to fire again.



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