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"Here, take this sniper rifle. I need you to cover those troopers on the way in!"
Ferroda, giving X2 a DC-15x[3]

The DC-15x sniper rifle, also known as the DC-15x sniper blaster, was a type of sniper blaster rifle used by clone sharpshooters during the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and later by clone stormtrooper snipers during the Galactic Empire's Great Jedi Purge. The DC-15x was a modified version of the standard DC-15A blaster rifle.


A modified version of the[1] BlasTech Industries DC-15A blaster rifle,[5] the DC-15x was a sniper blaster rifle that fired narrow, high-intensity beams of blue energy that were effective against battle droids and organics alike. The blaster was equipped with a brown stock and a brown grip, an added scope, and was given extra accuracy for long-range engagements.[2] It could fire up to six shots before having to be reloaded, and its scope only featured one magnification level.[6]


The Clone Wars[]


A Phase I clone sniper utilizes the DC-15x during the First Battle of Geonosis.

The DC-15x sniper rifle was used extensively by the Grand Army of the Republic's clone snipers, who trained exclusively with the weapon prior to being deployed in the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[1] AT-RT drivers, who were specialized clone pilots that were trained to operate All Terrain Recon Transports, developed a familiarity with the DC-15x during their scout training, and frequently used the weapon during their missions.[7] In addition, the weapon was also sometimes used by[2] clone trooper captains[8] in the first stages of the war,[4] and certain[4] clone scout troopers[9] and clone airborne troopers[10] in the later stages of the war.[4]

The DC-15x saw service from the conflict's very inception, including during the First Battle of Geonosis, the First Battle of Kamino, the Battle of Rhen Var, the Battle of Mygeeto, the Battle of Kashyyyk,[2] the Invasion of Tatooine, and up until the Battle of Cato Neimoidia, where it was used by the Force-sensitive clone trooper X2 as well.[3] Clone snipers of the 501st Legion also utilized the DC-15x during the First Battle of Geonosis, the Battle of Mygeeto, the Battle of Felucia, the Battle of Kashyyyk, along with the Battle of Utapau.[4]

Imperial Era[]

BF2 Kamino 5

An anti-trooper uses the DC-15x sniper rifle against the 501st Legion, who had previously used the weapon during the Clone Wars.

In 19 BBY,[11] some clone sharpshooters of the 501st carried the DC-15x sniper rifle into the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for Operation: Knightfall.[4] Following the operation, the DC-15x was used by clone snipers against Jedi Master Ferroda, in the wake of Order 66's activation on the planet Cato Neimoidia.[3]

Following the rise of the Galactic Empire,[3] the DC-15x sniper rifle was used at some point between 17 BBY and 15 BBY[12] by clone stormtrooper snipers, during the Battle of Dantooine and the Great Jedi Purge.[3] In 12 BBY,[13] the DC-15x saw use once again, now in the hands of the Kaminoan resistance's anti-trooper snipers, who used the weapon against the Empire's 501st Legion throughout the Kamino uprising.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The DC-15x sniper rifle first appeared, albeit unnamed, in Star Wars: Battlefront, a 2004 Star Wars Legends first and third-person shooter video game developed by Pandemic Studios and published by LucasArts.[2] It was later identified in the Star Wars Battlefront: Prima Official Game Guide, a strategy guide published by Prima Games in the same year.[1] The DC-15x sniper rifle's design is identical to the E-11s sniper rifle's design.[2]



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