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The DC-17 hand blaster was a model of heavy blaster pistol and the Grand Army of the Republic's standard-issue sidearm. Produced by BlasTech Industries, the DC-17 was usually given to weapon teams, the crews of vehicles, and officers.[2] Of the Republic clone troopers who used the blaster during the Clone Wars, high-ranking commanders, captains,[4] and ARC troopers were all users.[8] During the conflict, ARC troopers, as well as other special forces units like Clone Force 99 within the Special Operations Brigade, used the DC-17 for close-quarters fighting and as a backup weapon.[2]

The weapon was one of the most reliable and toughest models of blaster pistols created, as well as having remarkable stopping power in its small design. The weapon was also well balanced, possessed a respectable rate of fire, and lightweight.[2] Clone Captain CT-7567 "Rex," a notable clone trooper officer[9] who served in the elite 501st Legion,[10] preferred to use two DC-17s at once.[1]


A DC-17 hand blaster

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