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The DD-13 medical assistant droid,[1] also known as the DD-13 tripedal medical droid[2] or simply the DD-13 medical droid,[5] was a model of medical droid designed to install cybernetic implants.[1] Its tri-legged design granted it stability.[2] A DD-13 worked at the Grand Republic Medical Facility,[4] where it assisted in fitting the grievously injured Darth Vader with his life support armor.[3]

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The script for "Blue Shadow Virus," the seventeenth episode in the first season of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television series, which first aired on February 13, 2009, originally called for TR-350 to be tripedal medical droid, rather than a T-series tactical droid. This is why C-3PO told the tactical droid "We all want to hear your tale of medical heroics." in the final episode.[6] The DD-13 eventually made its series debut in "Orders,"[4] the fourth episode of The Clone Wars' sixth season,[7] which originally aired in Germany on February 15, 2014.[8][9]



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