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"Ubrikkian needs to re-design the DD-13 immediately! Lord Vader detests our droids, and as of today, we're at serious risk of losing the entire Imperial contract."
―From Ubrikkian Steamworks internal documents[src]

The DD-13 medical assistant droid, also known as the DD-13 cybernetic surgical droid, was a medical droid, designed by Ubrikkian Steamworks. Its primary purpose was the installation of cybernetic implants.

The DD-13 stood on a tripod and was equipped with modular arms, allowing it to be customized with whatever tools were needed for the operation. Its sensors were located in its cylindrical head.

DD-13 1

A DD-13.

DD-13s were originally intended to be used on Ubrikkian-produced medical transports. When the plans for them fell through, they were then shipped to battlefield medical units on the front lines of the Clone Wars. It was there, due to its purpose of installing implants and organ transplants, where soldiers gave it its nickname of "Galactic Chopper droid". Soldiers also drew black humor from the fact that Ubrikkian was known for producing heavy machinery as opposed to delicate medical tools.

After early Ubrikkian medical units were used to create the cyborg Grievous, at least one DD-13 was used in the Emperor Palpatine Surgical Reconstruction Center. Darth Vader hated the DD-13s that attended him, and personally blocked the renewal of Ubrikkian's Imperial medical droid contract. Ubrikkian Steamworks retired the line shortly thereafter, to fully focus their attention to the more profitable DD-19 "Overseer" labor pool droid.

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