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The DF.9 turret placement, also known as the DF.9 Anti-Infantry Battery,[6] the DF9 Turret, or simply the DF.9 was a model of stationary anti-infantry laser cannon emplacement manufactured by Golan Arms.


Manufactured by Golan Arms at the request of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars,[3] the DF.9's single laser canon was capable of firing blasts capable of annihilating whole squads of approaching infantry. Effective at a distance of up to 16 kilometers, the gunner in the upper turret operated with a 180° firing arc.[7] Some models could be modified with a rapid-fire rate that could rotate in a full 360° range.[2] The durasteel protected turret could easily withstand blaster fire, all while a targeting computer technician assisted with precision aim and another ensured stable energy flow from the power generator.[1]

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