The DL-12 heavy blaster pistol was a model of heavy blaster pistol that was more powerful than a standard heavy blaster. At one point, two bounty hunter brothers named Irol and Nevo Faunor owned DL-12 heavy blaster pistols.


A model of heavy blaster pistol, the DL-12 was slightly more powerful[1] than a standard heavy blaster, such as the DL-44.[2]


At some point, the bounty hunter brothers Irol and Nevo Faunor each owned a DL-12 heavy blaster pistol. The brothers carried the blasters on the Mid Rim planet Krykas V while attempting to collect a dead or alive bounty on Min Erethen, a droid and weapons designer who was stranded on the world.[1]

The Faunor brothers had their DL-12s when they and their hired men were defeated by another group of individuals who reached Erethen first.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The DL-12 heavy blaster pistol first appeared in "Bloodhawk Down", a roleplaying adventure written by Owen K.C. Stephens for the revised edition of Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Roleplaying Game that was posted on Wizards.com on October 10, 2002. Due to the fact that the adventure was intended to be usable in any era, it is impossible to determine the time frame the pistol was used in. Upon finding that Erethen has been reached by the players, whether the Faunors use the DL-12 heavy blaster pistols or their LaserHone Duelist vibrorapiers is up to the gamemaster; a successful encounter involves either the Faunor brothers retreating or being killed by the player characters.[1]

The "DL" designation was present on a number of other blasters which were produced by BlasTech Industries, including the DL-18 Blaster Pistol and the DL-44 heavy blaster pistol.[3] The weapon was statistically identical[1] to the DT-12 heavy blaster pistol, an item included in Arms & Equipment Guide[3]—a 2002 roleplaying sourcebook that Bloodhawk Down used as a source for most of its equipment.[1]


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