The DP-2 probe droid was a large droid used to explore space.


Manufactured before the Mandalorian Wars and Jedi Civil War, the DP-2 was designed to be used by explorers and scouts who were roaming the unexplored regions of the galaxy.


The DP-2 had an ovoid body with six arms arranged evenly around the middle of the body. It had a highly sensitive sensor package that detected biological, chemical, electromagnetic and lifeform signatures. It also came with a space beacon launcher so that it could leave a trail for its owner to follow.[1]

It could be modified to be a blockade breaker by upgrading its shield generator and sending it to distract the blockading ships so the owner could escape undetected. Another popular modification was converting the DP-2 into a courier droid by upgrading the sublight drive and installing a hyperdrive.[1]


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