DS 5 was a Rebel military outpost located in the Parmel system in the Outer Rim. Imperial Admiral Harkov fled here following the discovery of his defection to the Rebellion.


Harkov's flagship, the Victory I-class Star Destroyer Protector, was desperately in need of supplies, and the station's commander called in a large supply convoy to aid Harkov. Imperial forces had already tracked Harkov to DS 5, however, and sent a small raiding team of Assault Gunboats lead by Imperial starfighter ace Tan Maarek Stele to destroy the convoy.

A subsequent raid of TIE Avengers was intended to thin out the traitors' own TIE Avenger force; 50% of Harkov's elite TIE Avengers fell to Stele and his team in the attack. Harkov, abandoned the Protector and went to the station DS 5 itself, while the Protector entered hyperspace shortly afterward. This may have been a ploy to get the Imperial task force to follow the Protector and give Harkov and the DS 5 staff enough time to evacuate. This plan, though, was doomed to failure once Tan Stele noticed that, during the TIE Avenger raid, Harkov's personal shuttle, the Toten, left the Protector and docked aboard DS 5. Darth Vader arrived in the Star Destroyer Garrett in the following engagement, with Stele spearheading the final assault as Harkov and his Rebel allies proceeded to evacuate the facility. In the siege that followed, outpost DS 5 was captured, along with Harkov and the base command staff. Harkov was interrogated by Vader, and then executed by Force Crush.



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