The DT-16 "Destructor" battle droid was a combat droid.


Made by one of the smaller droid manufacturers, the DT-16 wasn't widely used in the Mandalorian Wars. It was popular with mercenaries and local militias.


The DT-16 was tall and broad, built like a muscled humanoid. It had integrated blaster rifles concealed in its arms which could be quickly deployed out of its arms and used in conjunction with its hands. The chest held a dual grenade launcher system behind a sliding panel which was connected to a 12 round magazine.

It could be modified for several different purposes. One modification was an anti-vehicle defense droid. This was done by mounting missile launchers on the shoulders of the DT-16. It could also be modified to be a sentry droid. This modification required adding a glowrod and darkvision. It also replaced the frag grenades with stun grenades.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Scavenger's Guide to Droids states the DT-16 was made by DroidWorks, but doesn't specify if it was Farrfin Droidworks or TransTech Droidworks.


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