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"Oh, I'm afraid I may have overlooked that in my planning."
"Overlooked what?"
"The sentry droids the Empire utilizes on its cargo ships. It must have reactivated when power was restored. I advise you not to engage the droid. The consequences could be problematic."
AP-5 and Garazeb Orrelios[2]

The DT-series sentry droid, also known simply as the Imperial sentry droid, was a line of sentry droids manufactured by Baktoid Combat Automata and utilized by the Galactic Empire. Imperial sentry droids were used as guards and combat training units, with one specific training model being stationed in Tipoca City on the extragalactic Kamino after the Clone Wars. Many of the droids were stationed aboard Imperial starships such as Class four container transports and Imperial Star Destroyers.


Imperial sentry droids in action

The DT-series sentry droid was an armed model of sentry droid[1] that saw use by the Kaminoan government and the Galactic Empire, which earned the droids the name of "Imperial sentry droid."[5] Equipped with white-plating and wrist blasters on both arms, one variant of the DT-series existed[4] by 19 BBY[6] and saw use as training droids, although they could be equipped with live rounds for lethal firepower.[4] The variant was stored on racks in lockers when not in use.[7] Another variant was in existence by the later Imperial Era and closely resembled[2] the suits and droids[8] produced by the dark trooper program.[9]

Based on old ST-series military strategic analysis and tactics droids and experimental droid plans that were abandoned,[1] that variant of sentry droid[2] was equipped with black-plating and equipped with a built-in E-11 blaster rifle on the droid's right[1] or left hand depending on the unit.[10] Whilst they could still use as training units,[11] these sentry droids were often used for guard missions and, should one of the activated sentry droids fall under attack during such a deployment, the remaining deactivated droids would power on. They could also stun hostile targets. The droid was armored and could take several shots from small arms fire.[2]


Tipoca City training[]

One variant of sentry droid was used on the planet Kamino as part of its training program.

Owned by the Kaminoan government under Prime Minister Lama Su,[4] a number of sentry droids of the white variant[5] were stationed as part of the Tipoca City Training Facility on[4] the extragalactic world of Kamino.[1] In the immediate aftermath of the Clone Wars[4] in 19 BBY,[6] Clone Force 99 was pitted against a number of the sentry droids to test their effectiveness as the Galactic Empire began to establish its military. On the orders of Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin, the droids used live-rounds against the clone commandos, much to the surprise of the squad, but they nonetheless managed to triumph over the training units. Impressed, Tarkin dispatched the commandos on a mission to Onderon that ultimately changed his mind about their usefulness, with the exception of CT-9904 "Crosshair."[4]

When Clone Force 99 later returned to Kamino to rescue its sergeant, "Hunter," from Crosshair and his Elite Squad, the young clone Omega activated many of the sentry droids to save her squadmates from Crosshair's trap, resulting in an overwhelming number of training units swarming the training facility where Crosshair held them captive. As Elite Squad Trooper ES-02 fled under fire from the training droids, Clone Force 99 united with their lost brother to fight off the droids, with Crosshair and his former squad managing to take out all the units Omega had activated before Admiral Rampart ordered the destruction of Tipoca City. Any surviving training droids[7] were left to sink to the bottom of Kamino's seas after Rampart's bombardment destroyed the city.[12]

Conflict with the rebels[]

"I know the governor made a wise choice in selecting you, A'Shar. You will do great things for the Empire. In spite of your tiny stature and inferior biological makeup."
―DT-unit DT-JZ, to A'Shar Farless[13]

Grand Admiral Thrawn sparred with specially programmed sentry droids

In 2 BBY,[source?] four Imperial sentry droids were stationed aboard an Imperial class four container transport that was trapped in the stormy atmosphere of the planet Wynkahthu. When the Spectres and the pirates Hondo Ohnaka and Azmorigan boarded the ship, they accidentally reactivated one of the sentry droids. This sentry droid knocked out Azmorigan and the rebel Garazeb Orrelios and threw them into the ship's brig. Later, Azmorigan managed to shoot the droid and destroy it. However, this activated the other sentry droids who attacked the rebels and pirates. The droids were destroyed when the container transport descended into a vortex.[2]

Later, Grand Admiral Thrawn kept two sentry droids aboard his flagship Chimaera to practice hand-to-hand combat. He used the override code "Rukh" to deactivate them when they were not needed. The "Fulcrum" operative Imperial Security Bureau Agent Kallus later reprogrammed these droids to attack Thrawn in order to provide a distraction for he and his rebel comrades to escape.[11]

Behind the scenes[]

The DT-series sentry droid first appeared in the Star Wars Rebels episode "The Wynkahthu Job."[2] It was inspired by the Phase III dark troopers seen in the Star Wars Legends video game Star Wars: Dark Forces.[14] First revealed in the sizzle reel for Star Wars: The Bad Batch,[15] another version of the sentry droid appeared earlier in the Star Wars timeline in The Bad Batch episode "Aftermath."[4] The official Databank on StarWars.com confirmed this droid to be the same type of sentry as those seen in Star Wars Rebels by using an image from The Bad Batch on the entry for the Rebels droids.[5]


A sentry droid opens fire


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