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"Oh, I'm afraid I may have overlooked that in my planning."
"Overlooked what?"
"The sentry droids the Empire utilizes on its cargo ships. It must have reactivated when power was restored. I advise you not to engage the droid. The consequences could be problematic."
AP-5 and Garazeb Orrelios[src]

The DT-series sentry droid, also known simply as the Imperial sentry droid, was a model of sentry droid manufactured by Baktoid Combat Automata and utilized by the Galactic Empire. Imperial sentry droids were used as guards and even combat training units. Many of the droids were stationed aboard Imperial vessels such as Class four container transports and Imperial Star Destroyers. The Spectres rebel cell, Hondo Ohnaka, and Azmorigan encountered four of the droids while looting an Imperial container transport. Later, Grand Admiral Thrawn used two of these droids as combat training units during his hand-to-hand exercises.


Imperial sentry droids in action

Imperial sentry droids were sentry droids that could be used for guard missions[2] or combat training. The droids resembled[4] the suits and droids[5] produced by the dark trooper program.[6]

Should one of the activated sentry droids fall under attack, the remaining deactivated droids would power on. The droids were somewhat humanoid and resembling the chassis of a Separatist B2-series super battle droid. Sentry droids were equipped with a single modified E-11 blaster rifle on the right arm and a hand on the left arm. They could also stun hostile targets. The droid was armored and could take several shots from small arms fire.[2]


"I know the governor made a wise choice in selecting you, A'Shar. You will do great things for the Empire. In spite of your tiny stature and inferior biological makeup."
―DT-unit DT-JZ, to A'Shar Farless[src]

Grand Admiral Thrawn sparred with specially programmed sentry droids

In 2 BBY,[source?] four Imperial sentry droids were stationed aboard an Imperial class four container transport that was trapped in the stormy atmosphere of the planet Wynkahthu. When the Spectres and the pirates Hondo Ohnaka and Azmorigan boarded the ship, they accidentally reactivated one of the sentry droids. This sentry droid knocked out Azmorigan and the rebel Garazeb Orrelios and threw them into the ship's brig. Later, Azmorigan managed to shoot the droid and destroy it. However, this activated the other sentry droids who attacked the rebels and pirates. The droids were destroyed when the container transport descended into a vortex.[2]

Later, Grand Admiral Thrawn kept two sentry droids aboard his flagship Chimaera to practice hand-to-hand combat. He used the override code "Rukh" to deactivate them when they were not needed. The "Fulcrum" operative Imperial Security Bureau Agent Kallus later reprogrammed these droids to attack Thrawn in order to provide a distraction for he and his rebel comrades to escape.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The DT-series sentry droid first appeared in "The Wynkahthu Job."[2] It was inspired by the Phase III dark troopers seen in the Star Wars Legends video game Star Wars: Dark Forces.[7]


A sentry droid opens fire


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