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The DUM-series pit droid was a model of repair droid manufactured by Serv-O-Droid, Inc.[1] prior to the Invasion of Naboo.[4] WAC-47 was a pit droid, though he was programmed to be a pilot.[6]


"You know, it's costing me a lot of money to keep these droids even powered up."
―Peli Motto, on her DUM-series pit droids[src]

Designed for maintaining podracers,[source?] pit droids were cheap, expendable,[3] and durable repair droids.[source?] Pit droids stood at a height of 1.19 meters[3] but had the ability to fold into a compact form when not in use. This feature could be toggled by tapping their "nose."[4]

If one could not reach the system it needed to work on, the unit would get other pit droids to make an unstable and haphazard droid pyramid. Pit droids were also fearless when faced with unsafe tasks, going as far as to be happy to throw themselves into danger.[7]


During the Boonta Eve Classic in Mos Espa on Tatooine in 32 BBY,[8], Ody Mandrell had a record-setting team of pit droids for his podracer. Unfortunately, one of the pit droids was sucked into one of Mandrell's podracer's intake. The droid survived but Mandrell's podracer engine was shot.[4]

During the Clone Wars, the 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps CO, Clone Commander Neyo had a pit droid designated as WAC-47 that served him.[9] WAC-47 was also a pilot and was chosen to be D-Squad's pilot under Colonel Meebur Gascon.[5] During the mission, WAC-47 received a field promotion to Corporal.[10]

After the fall of the Galactic Empire, the manager of Hangar 3-5 at Mos Eisley, Peli Motto used three pit droids to make repairs on docking ships.[11]


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