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"This is beginning to look like an adventure. I detest adventures."
―DV-9 on D'vouran.[src]

DV-9, also known as Deevee, was a research droid built by the anthropologist Mammon Hoole as an assistant. After the destruction of Alderaan, he spent most of his time as a personal tutor for Hoole's niece and nephew, Tash and Zak Arranda much to his dismay. Soon after Hoole adopted the Arrandas, Deevee and the Arrandas crash landed on the planet D'Vouran, inhabited by the friendly Enzeen, where he and the Arrandas were saved from Smada the Hutt by the Heroes of Yavin. Deevee traveled with the Arrandas to Necropolis, where he created a serum to stop the zombie invasion, as well as saving Zak's life. Deevee later saved Tash's life by intercepting a blaster bolt from Borborygmus Gog. The shot hit the droid in the chest, but did not prove to be fatal and was quickly repaired. He later served as a research assistant on the planet Koaan.

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Behind the scenes[]

DV-9 resembles Ralph McQuarrie's concept art for C-3PO.



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