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The DX-2 was a disruptor pistol built and mass-produced by the Tenloss Criminal Syndicate.


Like most disruptors, the DX-2 was highly illegal on most worlds. It was a smaller version of the DXR-6 disruptor rifle and similar to it in many respects. The DX-2 was able to disintegrate targets at the molecular level, which was useful for those who did not want to leave bodies behind as evidence. Because of the massive energy involved in creating a disruptor beam, the DX-2 needed a longer than normal cooldown time before it could fire again.[1]


One of the few mass-produced disruptors, the Tenloss Syndicate sold many of these weapons to the notorious Black Sun criminal organization.[3]

Using a disruptor weapon was a sign of cruelty and brutality. After the end of the Clone Wars, some carried the DX-2 as a symbol of their defiance of Imperial law. Despite its illegal status in the Empire, the DX-2 was used by some Imperial Special Forces.[1] As well, a few Imperial inquisitors have been known to brandish this weapon to add to their intimidation tactics.[3]

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There are major differences in the original artwork in The Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology from the more blaster-looking artwork of Star Wars Galaxies. Likewise there are major differences in this weapon's range presented in The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide Saga Edition role-playing game supplement that differ from the range as listed in The Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology. Instead of an optimum and maximum range of 5 and 7 meters respectively, The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide treats the DX-2 disruptor pistol as a standard pistol, giving it an optimum and maximum range 30 and 120 meters respectively.



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