"Do not attempt escape. Mutineers and evaders will be considered in violation of the capital powers act."
―Preprogrammed message in the DZ-70 fugitive tracker droid[src]

The DZ-70 fugitive tracker droid was a droid used to track criminals and escaped prisoners during the rule of the Galactic Empire.


They were spherical in shape with several large photoreceptors and multiple arms. They were designed for one thing-tracking and capturing fugitives. They had a powerful repulsorlift and were capable of hauling unconscious beings several kilometers. They contained blasters concealed in their bodies.

DZ tracker droids weren't considered particularly bright, and worked best when used in controlled settings like prisons or transport ships. Outside of those settings, they tended to become confused and frequently grabbed the wrong suspect.

DZ droids were persistent and would take any action needed to bring in their target. This included lethal force and therefore they were illegal for citizens to own, although this was widely ignored in the Outer Rim Territories.



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