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"Daala has no political motives—she just wants to destroy things."
―Han Solo[src]

In 11 ABY, renegade Imperial warlord Admiral Natasi Daala and her splinter movement of the Old Empire waged a military campaign against the New Republic. After bringing the four Star Destroyers of her Maw fleet out of years of seclusion in the Maw to find that the Galactic Empire was no more, she vowed to unleash destruction on the New Republic, the Empire's conquerors. Although the Star Destroyer Hydra was destroyed by the stolen Sun Crusher superweapon instantly, Daala continued with unabated furor, committing genocide on the people of Eol Sha by attacking their defenseless colony on the planet Dantooine, and later bringing her fleet to the New Republic world of Mon Calamari. During battle there, the Star Destroyer Manticore was destroyed, and Daala retreated to the Cauldron Nebula. Renegade Jedi student Kyp Durron—under the control of the long-dead Dark Lord of the Sith Exar Kun—pursued her there with the Sun Crusher and ignited a supernova in the nebula, which also took out the Star Destroyer Basilisk. With only the Gorgon left, Daala fought a final battle in the Maw before limping to the Deep Core, a stronghold of various other Imperial Warlords.

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