Coruscant abandoned tower

Dacho District, also known as the Dead Sector, was a factory district found on the city-planet Coruscant. One of the largest districts found on the planet, the area was the site of a chemical explosion seven hundred years before the Battle of Geonosis. Setting off the planet's most lethal industrial accident, the explosion occurred deep under the surface of the planet, unleashing toxic neuritic carbide gases, and killing more than 300,000 beings trapped in the complex. After the Galactic Republic finished their investigations, which were all classified and all files sequestered, every corporate executive that worked in the district fled the planet, and the entire area was abandoned.

As time passed, stories crept up around the incident. Legend claimed that the sub-levels of the factories were being used to process the bodies of immigrants in order to reduce them to their biological fluids. During the final years of the Republic, the Dacho District was rumored to be haunted, and the Jedi Knights detected an echo in the Force emanating from the area, due to the deaths of so many. It can be assumed these were some of the reasons Darth Sidious established a secret facility in The Works.


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