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Dactillion, also known as dactyls[5] or dactilloids,[6] were large, winged, carnivorous reptavians[1] native to the planet Utapau.[4]

Biology and appearance[]


A Dactillion

The creatures used their wings to catch thermal updrafts from within the massive sinkholes they called home, allowing them to fly toward the surface. They could also use their claws to scales the walls of the sinkholes. They sported two pronged horns on the end of their beaked mouth that they used in both defense and combat.[4]

The native sentient Utai managed to tame to dactillion by feeding them meat, though they themselves used to be part of the creatures' diet.[5] Dactillion were also present on the world of Shantipole.[7]


The dactillion's ability to traverse great distances quickly made it an important means of travel for locals. They were also used as mounts in battle by the Utapaun Security Forces,[5] grabbing enemies with their strong claws and using their horns.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Dactillions were first envisioned as a Jedi mount on Utapau during the story development of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. A concept model of the dactillion had Ki-Adi-Mundi riding the beast.[8]



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