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A Twi'lek dagger

"A dagger is always ready when you need it. It has no gas cartridge or power cell to drain."
―Unidentified individual[1]

The dagger was a simple knife-like melee weapon that was still in use during the Galactic Civil War. It was usually a side arm.


Daggers were used or carried by a variety of individuals, such as Aurra Sing,[2] Durge,[3] Boba Fett,[4] Jax Pavan,[5] Dusque Mistflier,[6] Lando Calrissian,[7] Oola,[8] and Tenel Ka Djo.[9]

Daggers were used in conjunction with blastswords in blastsword duels, such as the one between Depird ke Fanax and Cheriss ke Hanadi. The blastsword would be held in one hand, while the dagger was held in the off-hand.[10]

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