"I never forget a debt, Major. If you ever need air support for one of your operations, Dagger Wing will make it happen."
"It's always good to have friends with starfighters."
"Any target, anytime, anywhere. That's the Dagger Wing motto.
Conrad Gall and the Havoc Squad commander[src]

Dagger Wing was one of the most famous and celebrated Republic Starfighter units of the Great Galactic War. Records of its missions were the stuff of legend, and all of its pilots were regarded as heroes.


"It's good to hear that Command wants us back, but they burned us pretty bad."
"They're desperate for
talent, pal. If you and your guys are any good at all, you can get a really sweet deal—Believe me.
"Believe me—we're the best in the galaxy. And we're not murderers. If we'd known about the civvies, we
never would've launched."
Tobin Harlan and Tanno Vik[src]

Despite the hundreds of fellow soldiers who volunteered to brave enemy fire in search of the lost pilots, the Republic quietly closed the book on Dagger Wing. The truth was far more damaging than the lie that the heroes had been lost; Dagger Wing's war crime–the unauthorized bombing of thousands of Imperial civilians on Fest on misinformation, assuming that they were hitting a Sith Lord named Ondorru–would have destroyed Republic credibility and created a diplomatic crisis. It was through only the leadership of Dagger Wing's commander, Conrad Gall, was he able to dissuade his wingmates from going rogue. Republic High Command disavowed their actions and imprisoned the squadron on Belsavis. When Command announced that Dagger Wing was missing in action, it was a harsh blow to morale.

At the start of the Galactic War, when the Empire reignited hostilities with the Republic under General Rakton's leadership, Havoc Squad was dispatched by General Elin Garza to Belsavis to extract Dagger Wing for the war effort, regardless of their past crimes, as pilots of their caliber were in short supply. At the moment, Dagger Wing was actively assisting prison security with the breakout instigated by the Imperials. Havoc assisted with their efforts. However, Gall discovered Ondorru's presence on Belsavis and pursued him in order to clear his squadron's name. Havoc followed their quarry into the Deep Prison, where the squad was faced with a difficult choice: abandon an injured Gall to a rancor and pursue Ondorru or save the Dagger Wing commander. Either way, Dagger Wing was committed to the war effort.


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