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"This carnivorous predator can swallow 15 times its body weight."
―Lyrre T'enna's notes on the Dagobah python[src]

The Dagobah python was a species of non-sentient, predatory snake native to the swamps of the planet Dagobah. The creatures consisted mostly of a huge stomach and a huge mouth and hunted by dropping on prey from low gnarltree branches and crushing them before consuming them. The Intergalactic Zoological Society at one point captured a Dagobah python, and the zoologist Lyrre T'enna also encountered the species, making notes and sketches of them which were included in her annotated field guide.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Dagobah pythons were a primitive non-sentient species of snake native to the swamps of the planet Dagobah. Their bodies primarily consisted of a large mouth leading to an even larger stomach,[1] allowing them to swallow up to fifteen times their own body weight. Their mouths were filled with sharp teeth and located on the pythons' relatively small heads below a pair of blue eyes.[2] The snakes' gnarled and knobbly bodies[1] were long and gray, with a relatively thick midsections leading into much thinner posterior and anterior sections of the body.[2]


"The python hunts by draping itself on low branches and waiting."
―Field notes made by Lyrre T'enna on the python's hunting technique[src]

Carnivorous and predatory in nature, the pythons would hunt by draping themselves across the lower branches[2] of gnarltrees[3] and waiting for prey to pass below or fly nearby.[2] When any creature did enter the area under the snake, the predator would be ready to pounce and drop down, winding its long body around the prey, swiftly crushing the life from them. Once the python's victim was dead, the snake would consume it, and then become docile while digesting it.[1] Airborne prey of the python, such as the spade-headed smooka, could simply be plucked from the air by the snake's toothy maw.[2]


Dagobah python 2

Dagobah pythons preyd upon spade-headed smookas.

By the year 20 BBY, at least one Dagobah python had been discovered and captured by the Intergalactic Zoological Society. The python was transported in a large container onboard the Titavian IV, one of the society's exploration vessels, while the starship was returning to the planet Mycroft, where the society was based. The ship never reached it destination however, as it was boarded and all of its crew killed, leaving the vessel drifting in space. Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi later boarded the vessel and passed the snake's container while he was there investigating a distress signal being transmitted by another Jedi named Quinlan Vos, who was hiding on board the ship.[4]

During the reign of the New Republic, the zoologist Lyrre T'enna encountered Dagobah pythons while in the field on Dagobah, and included sketches and notes concerning the species in her field journals. The journals, including the pages showing the pythons, were later compiled into an annotated field guide with some input from the Intergalactic Zoological Society.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Dagobah python was created in 2001 for The Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide, a reference book written by Bob Carrau and Terryl Whitlatch, the latter of whom also illustrated it. The images from the guide were then included along with some new information in The Official Star Wars Fact File issue 91 in a section on Dagobah wildlife. A python also then made a brief appearance in the background of Republic 69: Dreadnaughts of Rendili, Part 1, a comic book released in 2004 which was illustrated by Jan Duursema and included several other species originating from the The Wildlife of Star Wars. In 2014 they received mention in Meet the Creatures of Dagobah, a post on written by Tim Veekhoven.



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