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Mountain Meditation FDNP

Dagoyan Masters meditate with a Mirialan Force-sensitive at the Halsoun Dagoyan Monastery

The Dagoyan Masters were a group that were strong in the Force on Bardotta. Unlike the Sith or Jedi, they were not warriors. Rather, they focused on knowledge, intuition and the harmony of the universe, using their ability in a pacifist manner.

The Dagoyan labeled the Jedi "kidnappers" when a group of Bardottan children were inducted into the Order, believing the Jedi had done so against the children's will.

During the Clone Wars, the Frangawl Cult kidnapped the Dagoyan Masters to sacrifice their Force energy, encasing it in a container to let it flow that was designed for their Great Mother. Queen Julia (seeing a vision of the Witch Talzin) called Jar Jar Binks for assistance, with the Gungan being accompanied by Mace Windu to thwart the plan. The mission was a success and lead to an improved relationship between Bardotta and the Jedi.



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