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"A strong connection to the Force, the Dagoyan Masters have. Yet unlike the Jedi or Sith they are. Warriors they are not. Intuition, knowledge, the harmony of the universe is what they sense. Passively they connect with the Force."

The Dagoyan Order, also referred to as the Dagoyan Masters, was an organization of Bardottan Force-sensitives that served Bardotta as a branch of the planet's government, the Bahk-tov Council, which was recognized as a theocratic monarchy.


The Dagoyan Order was a tradition which focused on the principles of asceticism and meditation, striving to form a strong and personal connection to the Force. A passive connection to the Force, the Dagoyans avoided the light and the dark aspects of the Force, using it not as a tool to affect the physical world, and thus avoiding objectifying the Force in a moral way.[1]

The Dagoyan tradition was widely practiced by lay people, who aspired to find a personal connection with the Force. All Bardottans received an education at a Dagoyan school, and meditation was a part of all citizens' lives. Serving the planet as artisans and sculptors, the average Bardottan was encouraged to practice the tenants of the Order but participation was completely voluntary and not considered an obligation.[1]

The monastic arm of the Order was comprised of mystics, who practiced strict asceticism and lived off of alms and donations within the lofty monasteries of the planet, such as the Halsoun monastery. Those mystics who practiced a lifetime of meditation achieved the honorific of Master. The Dagoyan Masters were the strongest and the wisest of the Order, and were invited to advise the governing institutions of the planet. With only a few dozen Masters in each generation, those who did not take on governing responsibilities were sent to lead the teaching of the next generation at any of the mystic communities across the world.[1]

The Dagoyan tradition and the culture of Bardotta were intrinsically woven together, making the Order both a religious and a governmental structure on the world. The governing council of Bardotta, known as the Bahk-tov Council, was comprised of both Dagoyan Masters and lay people who observed the Dagoyan tradition. The leader of the Council served as the official head of state and was elected by the unanimous vote of the Council. Wearing the title of king or queen, the Monarch of Bardotta was the voice of the Council and the Order, though only the unanimous vote of the Council could make a policy decision.[1]


Founded during the planet Bardotta's era of endless war, the Dagoyan Order formed from the militant Frangawl tradition that governed the planet through force and the dark side of the Force. Seizing control of the government through a series of short-lived conflicts, the Dagoyan Order outlawed the Frangawl tradition and fully entrenched itself within Bardottan culture. Forming the Bahk-tov Council, a governing body made up of both Dagoyan Masters and lay people at times, the Council elected a Monarch to serve as the Head of State of Bardotta.[1]

The relationship between the Dagoyan Order and the Jedi Order was chilly at best, due to an incident early in their history. When the Jedi attempted to induct Bardottan children into their order, the Bahk-tov Council deemed this act as an affront to the sovereignty of Bardotta and demanded the children be returned or risk war. When the Jedi complied, the Dagoyan order ended most contact with the Jedi for the next millennia.[1]

During the Clone Wars, several Dagoyan Masters were abducted by a resurgent Frangawl Cult, leading to a spiritual crisis for the Bardottans. Queen Julia requested the help of Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks, who was accompanied by Jedi Master Mace Windu. Despite the uneasiness between the two Orders, Windu resolved the attacks and rescued the Queen from being sacrificed by the cult, despite the deaths of several of the Dagoyan Council members.[3]



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