Dah'lis Stark was a female Nautolan and former dancer who was the second wife of Iaco Stark, and the step-mother of Ellie and Iaclyn Stark.

Biography[edit | edit source]

With Iaco's death, she became dependent on Iaclyn for 'allowances'. She was interested in Jahan Cross when he managed to irritate Iaclyn, prompting her to approach him. She proceeded to take him to the Stark Compound giving a short narrative of her life with her husband. Dah'lis mentioned how Iaco liked her for being different.

She undressed and went into her pool, beckoning Jahan to come in. All the while, he was asking for information on Eclipse. She stated that Iaco died from an industrial accident where he was beheaded. She mentioned she wished to complete the Eclipse project on behalf of her late husband, but that Iaclyn was preventing her from getting near it. Jahan was promptly stunned by Iaclyn who stated she was saying too much and killed her and framed Cross for it.

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