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"...Now we have to go before the mountain collapses!"
"I [Daiman] created this mountain! It will do as I say!"
"You did -- but it's not listening now!"
―The Daimanate officer reasoning with his superior Lord Daiman[src]

A Human Daimanate officer was present at the side of the Sith Lord Daiman during the destruction of Chelloa in 1032 BBY. He and his Sith overlord observed the ground invasion by the rival Sith Lord Odion from a mountain. This Daimanate officer came up with the idea of using "fake" mobile munitions complexes to lure Odion's forces into a trap on Chelloa. However, these "factories" turned out to be kinetic corruptors, large machines capable of devastating large areas of Chelloa's surface. Rather than allow Odion to seize control of Chelloa and its valuable baradium resources, Daiman decided to destroy the planet. The kinetic corruptors were capable of igniting baradium, a highly volatile substance used to manufacture munitions.

Daiman's kinetic corruptors wiped out a large part of Odion's invasion force. In addition, Daiman attempted to deny Chelloa's population to Odion by leaving them stranded on their ruined planet. However, the Jedi Knights Gorlan Palladane and Kerra Holt hijacked his fleet of decoy transports with the aid of the Chelloan resistance. The Chelloan resistance succeeded in evacuating 60,000 Chelloans. When the officer was unable to establish contact with the crew, Lord Daiman grabbed his binoculars only to discover that Kerra and Gorlan were evacuating the refugees and fighting off Lord Odion's troops. Enraged, Daiman ordered his defense fleet to shoot down the freighters. However, the officer told Daiman that he had ordered his fleet away in order to lure Odion into a trap.

The officer then urged Daiman to leave Chelloa before the mountain collapsed. However, the deluded Sith Lord, who believed that he was the "creator of the universe", angrily remarked that the mountain would obey him. The skeptical captain then retorted that the mountain was not listening at the moment. Ultimately, Daiman followed the officer's advice and evacuated Chelloa.


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