Dair Haslip was a Human male Garosian Imperial lieutenant who worked as an agent for the Garos Resistance movement.

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Dair Haslip grew on the planet Garos IV. In 11 BBY, his parents, West and Nieka Haslip, were killed by a Sundar attack, during the Garosian Civil War. He was later raised by his grandmother, Keriin Haslip.[1]

Dair shoots down the scout trooper who killed his friend.

In 6 BBY, the Galactic Empire established an official presence on Garos IV and ended the civil war. Very enthusiastic, Dair Haslip decided to join the Imperial Army. However some days before entering at the Raithal Academy, he was walking around Garos IV with his childhood friend Jos Mayda when they were attacked by two Imperial scout troopers. Jos was shot down for no reason and Dair killed them. He related the event to his grandmother who introduced him to the Garos resistance. Dair was disgusted by the methods of the Empire but the members of the resistance convinced him to enter the academy as a spy.[1]

He joined the Empire at the age of 19 with the sole purpose of spying on them and passing on information to the Garosian underground. After seven years away from his homeworld, he was finally stationed as an administrative assistant to General Zakar on Garos.

He would work closely with Alexandra Winger—daughter of the local Imperial governor—who was also a member of the resistance. In order not to arouse any suspicion, Dair and Alexandra would feign a secret love affair. Their pretense fooled the Imperials into thinking that the two of them spent so much time together in the name of Romance, while they were in reality plotting against the Empire. Their feigned affair developed into genuine infatuation on Dair's part, who accepted that Winger did not feel the same way.

Dair was the grandson of the Keriin Haslip and Trenar Stillijan.

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