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"I'm not risking my crew for some fool girl intent on suicide!"
―Dakar, during Vima Sunrider's ordeal[src]

Dakar was a male port administrator and ion miner on Exis Station, active in the years following the Great Sith War. Along with being a leader of mining expeditions in the Teedio system, Dakar was in charge of the space station's hangar bay. He was good friends with the spacer Hoggon and cared about the safety of his crew despite his gruff and sometimes abrasive demeanor. In 3986 BBY, during a Jedi conclave on the station, a bored Jedi apprentice, Vima Sunrider, joined Dakar's mining crew on an expedition to a nearby star without his knowledge. Sunrider's inexperience nearly doomed her, as she got caught in a magnetic loop and was nearly pulled into the sun, but Dakar refused to go after her, as he did not want to put his men in harm's way. Luckily for Sunrider, she was saved by a passing Jedi, Tott Doneeta.


"Idiot! Can't you see that storm cell boiling in the chromosphere?"
―Dakar, to Vima Sunrider[src]

Dakar worked as a[1] port administrator[3] and ion miner on Exis Station, a space station in the Teedio system, in the years following the Great Sith War. A leader among his fellow miners, Dakar was in charge of mining expeditions to the nearby star Teedio, flying an ion mining ship during these missions.[1] Dakar's duties also included directing incoming ships to their correct docking spaces in the station's hangar bay. Over the years, Dakar developed a friendship with a Human spacer named Hoggon.[2] In 3986 BBY, during a massive Jedi conclave on Exis Station, Dakar led his crew on a seemingly-routine plasma mining assignment—unbeknownst to Dakar, on that occasion they were joined by Vima Sunrider, a Human Jedi apprentice who had sneaked away from the Jedi Convocation due to boredom.[1]

Dakar first sensed something was awry when Sunrider's ship drifted out of formation, causing the veteran miner to snap angrily at her over the comlink. Soon afterward, the inexperienced Sunrider became caught in a magnetic loop, which threatened to pull her into the sun. Sunrider ditched her ship in an escape pod, but Dakar refused to retrieve her, as he would not risk his crew for such a dangerous rescue effort. As it turned out, Dakar did not need to save her, as a passing ship, flown by Twi'lek Jedi Knight Tott Doneeta, attached a cable to Sunrider's hurtling life-pod and pulled her out of harm's way.[1] After the Sunrider incident, Dakar returned to his docking bay duties on Exis Station. He soon met with his old friend Hoggon, who came to Exis Station to observe the Jedi conclave, which by then had gone on for days. Hoggon, who held a fascination with the Jedi Order, asked Dakar to direct him to a place where he could watch the proceedings; Dakar suggested an air shaft that looked down into the gathering hall. Hoggon paid Dakar several coins for use of his docking space, and the two friends parted ways.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

"But what do you care, Hoggon? You're no Jedi."
―Dakar, to his old friend Hoggon[src]

Dakar had a gruff manner and was quick to admonish those who erred on his mining missions. However, he cared about the safety of his crew and would not put them in harm's way in situations where it was not warranted.[1] Dakar had a long friendship with Hoggon, although he did not understand the spacer's interest in the Jedi Order. Dakar had white skin and black eyes, with a mouthful of large teeth.[2]

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Dakar appeared as a minor character in Tales of the Jedi: Redemption, the final story arc of the Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi comic book series, written by Kevin J. Anderson and released in 1998. His sole appearances in Star Wars canon to date, Dakar was featured in the arc's first[1] and second issues, wherein he was illustrated by Christian Gossett.[2] In 2008, Dakar was given an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[3]



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