"We're on the same side, come with me to Bastion. Help me end this war! We can slip into Imperial space, capture the entire Moff Council, and secure an Imperial surrender in one week! One week! Nobody else has to die! No one has to join the dark side! Luke can't see that, but surely you can! Join me! We can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the whole galaxy!"
―Dal Konur, to the Jedi-allied agents sent to find him[src]

Dal Konur was a Force-sensitive male Human who fought for the Rebel Alliance and its successor, the New Republic, in the Galactic Civil War against the authoritarian Galactic Empire. Circa 12 ABY, Konur's Force potential was discovered, and he enrolled at the Jedi Praxeum, a Jedi academy located on the moon Yavin 4. He trained under the tutelage of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and soon became disgusted that the Jedi weren't using their Force powers as weapons to defeat the Empire. Two months after his arrival at the academy, Konur fled Yavin 4 aboard the school's supply ship, planning to travel to Imperial Space and assassinate the Moff Council, the Empire's governing body, to bring the Galactic Civil War to an end.

After arriving on the planet Ord Mantell, Konur made his way to the world Wayland, where he acquired some weaponry from a warehouse rented by the smuggler Arthen Brutt. The rogue Jedi then flew to the Bilbringi Shipyards and obtained a Firespray-31 attack craft, which he began preparing for his mission against the Empire. On Yavin 4, Skywalker discovered evidence revealing that Konur had explored the moon's Sith temples, leading the Jedi Master to suspect that Konur had fallen to the dark side of the Force. Skywalker sent some Jedi-allied agents to find Konur and return the rogue Jedi to Yavin 4, and they tracked him to Bilbringi. There, the agents confronted Konur inside the Firespray-31's hangar, and he engaged them in combat. After fleeing in the ship, Konur was forced to land on the planet Dathomir after his craft's hyperdrive burned out. He was imprisoned by Imperial forces present on the world but eventually escaped and started working for the Imperial General Vit, hoping to be able to get close to the Moff Council. Skywalker's agents tracked Konur to Dathomir and confronted him and Vit inside an Imperial communications center. On Vit's orders, Konur attacked the agents, but they eventually defeated the errant Jedi.


Jedi studentEdit

"Dal Konur was a lieutenant in the Rebel Alliance's special forces until about two months ago, when we discovered that he had Force potential."
―Luke Skywalker[src]

Luke Skywalker, a Jedi Master who trained Dal Konur

Dal Konur was a Force-sensitive male Human who lived during the rule of the Galactic Empire,[1] an authoritarian galactic government that was led by Emperor Palpatine, a Sith Lord.[3] Konur participated in the Galactic Civil War, fighting for the Rebel Alliance against the Empire, and he served with distinction, attaining the rank of lieutenant in the Alliance Special Forces.[1] After the death of Palpatine during the Battle of Endor, the Alliance was reformed into the New Republic,[4] and Konur served in the newly created New Republic Special Forces. Circa 12 ABY, he learned of his ability to use the Force, and Borsk Fey'lya,[1] a New Republic senator,[4] advised Konur to enroll at the Jedi Praxeum, a Jedi academy on the moon Yavin 4 that was run by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Konur took Fey'lya's advice, joining Skywalker's Jedi Order and becoming a student at the Yavin 4 academy.[1]

Konur underwent Jedi training under Skywalker's tutelage, studying alongside students Kyp Durron, Corran Horn, Kam Solusar, and Tionne. Konur soon became disgusted that the Jedi weren't using their Force powers as weapons to end the war with the Empire, and he suggested to Skywalker that a Jedi strike team be sent on a mission to kill the Moff Council, the governing body of the Imperial Remnant, to leave the Empire leaderless and allow the New Republic to exploit the resulting chaos by sending in their forces to destroy the Imperial fleet. Skywalker stated that he couldn't support any plan involving assassination, and he asked Konur to reconsider. However, Konur began plotting to take matters into his own hands, and he planned to travel to Bastion,[1] the Imperial capital world,[5] and eliminate the Moff Council himself. He also started exploring Yavin 4's Sith temples,[1] ancient monuments that had been constructed by the extinct Massassi species.[6] Two months after his arrival at the academy,[1] Konur stowed away aboard the Lightning Rod, the academy's supply ship,[7] and departed Yavin 4. Using his Force abilities, Konur mind-tricked Peckhum, the ship's pilot, into flying the supply ship to the planet Ord Mantell.[1]

Rogue JediEdit

"I actually have another package here that I'm supposed to ship to him."
―Smekt, on the empty envelope that Konur wanted her to ship to Bilbringi[src]

On arrival on Ord Mantell, Konur made his way to the Mud Puddle cantina in search of the former smuggler Arthen Brutt. Brutt rented a warehouse on the planet Wayland in which he stored a number of Old Republic artifacts that he had recovered from Mount Tantiss,[1] a former storehouse of Palpatine.[4] Konur hoped to arm himself with some weapons from the collection and then travel to the Bilbringi system to obtain a suitable starship in which he could travel to Imperial Space. The renegade Jedi told Brutt that he was interested in helping to finance repairs to Brutt's starship in return for a share of the smuggler's profits and then mind-tricked Brutt into revealing the location of the warehouse, telling the smuggler that he would return to Ord Mantell in a few weeks. Suspecting that Skywalker would sent someone to find him, Konur attempted to delay any potential pursuers by mind-tricking the leader of a local gang of Mantellian Savrip hunters into believing that anyone who came to question Brutt was a New Republic official who was looking to stop their hunting. In addition, Konur performed a mind trick on the Mud Puddle's bartender so that the individual would place a personal ad in a Bilbringi news service if the Mantellian Savrip hunters came into conflict with a group of strangers, in order to inform Konur if there were people pursuing him. Konur additionally mind-tricked Peckhum and abandoned him in the Mud Puddle, erasing the man's memories of how he got there.[1]

Afterward, Konur traveled to the city of New Nystao on Wayland, in which Brutt's warehouse was located. Under the alias "Streen,"[1] the name of another student at Skywalker's academy,[8] Konur rented a warehouse within the same complex that was located directly next door. By being stealthy and using mind tricks, Konur was able to steal the keys to Brutt's facility from the building's caretaker, Flissar, and he searched the boxes and crates inside without being detected. Eventually, he found some crates containing Old Republic weaponry and a lightsaber that had previously belonged to a Jedi Knight. Unable to carry all of the weapons out of the warehouse complex undetected, Konur moved them to his rented warehouse and then returned later to collect them during normal business hours. Again using his "Streen" alias, Konur hired the shipping concern Hyperspeed Express to transport his stolen weapons crates to the Bilbringi Shipyards, his next destination, and he paid Hyperspeed with a cashier's check that he had drawn from a local account. He also mind-tricked the Noghri Hyperspeed employee Smekt to send an empty envelope to Bilbringi if anyone came to investigate his shipment, a warning that someone sent by Skywalker had tracked Konur to Wayland. Konur then traveled to the shipyards of Bilbringi and attempted to find a small freighter that had been registered with the Empire, which had controlled the system until the Battle of Bilbringi[1] in 9 ABY,[9] because such a ship could enter Imperial Space reasonably unchallenged. He soon discovered that such ships were not as common as they had been in the past, and he encountered difficulties in procuring one.[1]

On Yavin 4, Skywalker discovered some notes that Konur had written about his exploration of Yavin 4's Sith temples, leading the Jedi Master to suspect that his student had turned to the dark side of the Force. However, Skywalker realized that he couldn't pursue Konur by himself, because, if Skywalker got close, the former SpecForce trooper would sense the Jedi Master's presence in the Force and flee. Instead, Skywalker sent a group of Jedi-allied agents to find Konur and return the errant student to Yavin 4 unharmed. The agents tracked Konur's movements to Bilbringi, and they traveled to the system to look for him.[1]

Confrontation in Hangar Bay 631-DEdit

"I should have known my plan wouldn't work. Please arrest me. I'll go quietly."
―Tomer, while announcing to the Jedi-allied agents that he is Dal Konur[src]

After a few days, Konur located a suitable starship, a Firespray-31 attack craft, and acquired it from its owner, Captain Jest Lar-Quain. Once his stolen weapons had arrived on Bilbringi, Konur hired the Sullustan dockworker Rian Vitt to deliver the cargo to Hangar Bay 631-D, where the ship was located. Konur used mind tricks to make both Lar-Quain and Vitt forget his identity. The rogue Jedi began preparing the craft for his planned mission, and he set up a number of traps inside the hangar bay to act as distractions if any Jedi-allied agents tried to capture him. The hangar consisted of three landing grids—Grid 1, Grid 2, and Grid 3—that could each be individually lowered fifty meters to a level of the shipyard that contained maintenance tunnels, and Konur mind-tricked all of the hangar bay's controllers to make them re-route command of the hangar controls to a remote he carried. Konur then placed four crates containing droideka battle droids in Grid 2 and primed the droids to activate if the crates were opened. Near them, Konur placed some barrels of liquid fuel, one of which had a thermal detonator attached to it, and he planned to detonate the device if the droids failed to activate. He also lowered Grid 3 to the maintenance tunnels level and set up four automated E-Web heavy repeating blasters, which he programmed to attack anyone except himself that used a weapon in their vicinity. In addition, he placed stun grenades with proximity fuses inside two nearby turbolifts, and he secured his lightsaber and the remote to his wrist using wire-cored synthecord to prevent anyone from using the Force to disarm him. With the traps set, Konur planned to used the grid controls to divide any groups of Jedi-allied agents that arrived and then allow the aggressors to attack him, causing the E-Web blasters to trigger and distract the attackers while Konur fled in the Firespray-31.[1]

Konur began carrying out some work in the hangar's parts shop, and he enlisted the Human Tomer, an off-duty hangar controller, to start preparing the Firespray-31 for takeoff. The Jedi also mind-tricked Tomer so that the controller would identify himself as Konur if approached, to act as a distraction if any Jedi-allied agents arrived. While Konur didn't expect anyone to fall for the deception, because he and Tomer looked nothing alike, he hoped that Tomer would occupy anyone who approached the starship long enough for Konur to notice their arrival and use the hangar grid controls to divide their party.[1]

The agents sent by Skywalker confronted Konur in the hangar bay, and the rogue Jedi succeeded in using the hangar grids to split up their party. He then spoke to them, offering to let them come with him to Bastion and end the Galactic Civil War. However, they refused his offer, and he engaged them in combat. After making it to the Firespray-31, Konur fled Bilbringi and headed for Imperial Space.[1] En route, he was forced to divert his ship to avoid an Imperial task force that was marshaling between the worlds Agamar and Garqi in preparation for an attack on the planet Orinda. However, the starship's hyperdrive burned out, and Konur was forced to make for Dathomir, the nearest world that was capable of supporting life.[2]

Infiltrating the EmpireEdit

"Here's your chance, Konur. Take this lightsaber and kill these Rebel scum, and I'll personally introduce you to the Moff Council."
―General Vit, ordering Konur to kill the Jedi-allied agents[src]


A short time earlier, Dathomir had been occupied by Imperial forces, who had concealed their presence on the planet by taking control of Dathomir's New Republic embassy and placing the world under quarantine, claiming that there had been an outbreak of a virus fatal to Force users. Anyone who landed on Dathomir was taken away under the premise of being decontaminated against the non-existent disease and incarcerated. Konur fell for the deception when he landed on Dathomir and was imprisoned by the Empire. Although he escaped, he was captured by a group of Imperial troops and Nightsisters, Dathomiri Force witches who had formed an alliance with the Empire. Konur revealed his identity to them, claiming that he had fled Yavin 4 because the Jedi had tried to brainwash him. He also stated that he would aid the Empire in return if granted political asylum, hoping that, by helping the Imperials, he would be able to get close to the Moff Council. The rogue Jedi was eventually able to arrange a meeting with General Vit, an Imperial officer who was leading Project: Nightsaber, the Empire's effort to train Nightsisters and use them in the war against the New Republic. Vit had been trying to find someone with Jedi training and a grudge against the New Republic to head up the project but chose not to immediately take on Konur for the role, despite believing that Konur was sincere about wanting to help the Empire. Konur also tried to persuade Vit to give him a lightsaber.[2]

The Jedi-allied agents whom Konur had faced on Bilbringi tracked him to Dathomir and, along with the former Imperial Royal Guardsman Kir Kanos, launched an attack on a communications center that the Empire was using to control all communications on Dathomir. Konur and Vit were present in the facility's command center and were confronted by the agents, prompting Vit to finally give Konur a lightsaber and to promise that he would introduce the rogue Jedi to the Moff Council if Konur killed the attackers. The former Jedi entered combat with the agents and attacked the strongest members of their group first, hoping to sap their will to continue fighting so he would not have to kill them all. The agents eventually defeated him, and Dathomir was liberated from the Empire shortly afterward.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

"He's a student, and a friend, and he doesn't deserve to be killed or maimed just for trying to end a war the only way he knows how."
―Luke Skywalker, on Dal Konur[src]

Dal Konur was an extremely motivated individual who hoped to see the Galactic Civil War come to a conclusion, and his desire to end the conflict led him to enroll at Skywalker's Jedi academy. However, Konur didn't want to wait for the New Republic and the Empire to work out a peace settlement, instead wanting the war to come to an end as soon as possible. As a result, he came to believe that it was acceptable to use the Force aggressively if doing so ended unnecessary bloodshed, and he could not understand why the Jedi didn't use the Force as a weapon to defeat the Empire and end the war. Luke Skywalker considered Konur to be his friend, but he disagreed with his student's ideas because Skywalker believed that Jedi could not condone the assassination of sentient beings, which Konur viewed as acceptable. However, Skywalker believed that Konur did not deserve to come to harm, because he thought that the former SpecForce trooper was just trying to end the war via the means that he knew best.[1]

When Konur entered the service of the Empire on Dathomir, he became obsessed with proving himself to Vit so that the General would grant him an audience with the Moff Council. He eventually lost control of his moral compass and was willing to kill the Jedi's agents if doing so aided him in proving himself to Vit, which brought Konur to the verge of falling to the dark side of the Force. When he attacked the agents on Vit's orders, Konur considered it a shame that agents didn't see things from his perspective and were working against him, and he believed that he wouldn't be trying to kill them if they had shown more vision.[2]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

"He came here for training, and he had a natural gift for clouding weak minds—which is why, I suspect, he was good at infiltration in SpecForce."
―Luke Skywalker, on Dal Konur[src]

As a soldier, Konur was highly-trained, giving him formidable combat abilities and making him a skilled infiltrator. However, he was not proficient with using a lightsaber to deflect blaster bolts. Over the years, Konur taught himself a number of Force tricks, and, during his time on Yavin 4, he practiced basic Force abilities. He had a natural gift for using the Force to carry out mind tricks on weak-minded individuals, and he also knew how to use Force stealth. He possessed knowledge of the alter and control aspects of the Force. Konur was bilingual, speaking both Bothese and Galactic Basic Standard.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Dal Konur was created by J.D. Wiker and appeared in Rebel Jedi and Nightsaber, two Wizards of the Coast role-playing supplements that were published on in 2003. He later received an entry in the 2008 compendium The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.

Rebel Jedi possible outcomesEdit

In Rebel Jedi and Nightsaber, the players role-play as the agents sent by Luke Skywalker to find Konur, and their decisions can affect the actions of the renegade Jedi. Furthermore, the actions taken by the players in Rebel Jedi can affect the circumstances of Konur and the players at the start of Nightsaber. This article assumes that Konur escaped the Jedi-allied agents on Bilbringi, because The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia states that the agents "finally caught up with him" on Dathomir, suggesting that the canonical outcome is that they did not first capture Konur on Bilbringi. All other possible courses of action are noted below.

After Konur uses the grid lifts to divide the players' party in Rebel Jedi, he offers to let the player characters travel with him to Imperial Space and help him capture the Moff Council. If they accept his proposal, the players depart Bilbringi with Konur. If the players instead reject Konur's offer and try to stop him from leaving Bilbringi, Konur initiates combat with them. During the fight, he tries to avoid killing or injuring any of the agents and attempts to move toward his Firespray-31, rather than go on the offensive. However, he has no compunction against causing injury to a player character if he had previously given the opponent a chance to avoid coming to harm. If, during the fight, Konur gets within ten meters of the hangar's turbolifts, he races into a lift that is not booby-trapped with stun grenades, hoping to lure the agents into the other lifts. In addition, if he gets within ten meters of a player character armed with a lightsaber, he attempts to use his blaster to destroy the weapon.[1]

If Konur makes it to his ship and leaves Bilbringi, the players can try to follow him, leading on to the events of Nightsaber. If, however, the players succeed at preventing him from taking off in the Firespray-31, Konur tries to flee into the shipyard's maintenance tunnels. If he does so, he steals the first one-man freighter that he finds and attempts to travel to Bastion. Alternately, the players can defeat Konur and take custody of him. If they capture him while he is conscious, he demands to be placed in New Republic custody because the players don't have the legal authority to arrest him. The players then have to acquiesce and give Konur up to the New Republic, although if the players first consult with Skywalker, the Jedi Master requests that the agents remain with Konur until Skywalker can arrive and speak with the rogue Jedi. The Republic then plans to hold Konur accountable for various minor crimes that he had carried out, but he becomes confident that he can use his mind trick abilities to elude the Republic authorities. If the players capture Konur without causing serious injury to him, Skywalker is pleased with them.[1]

Nightsaber possible outcomesEdit

At the start of Nightsaber, Konur is present on Dathomir, arriving there either while en route to Imperial Space or while being taken by New Republic officers to a holding facility, depending upon whether he was captured by the player characters in Rebel Jedi. Alternatively, it is possible for the players of Nightsaber to not have first played Rebel Jedi, in which case they are hired by either Skywalker or New Republic Chief of State Leia Organa Solo to track down Konur, who is again on Dathomir. If, in Rebel Jedi, the players captured Konur and insisted that they accompany him when he entered New Republic custody, the starship they are on is forced to land on Dathomir. Konur and the agents are then all tricked into undergoing decontamination against the non-existent disease, and all of them are imprisoned by the Empire. If the opportunity presents itself to him, Konur joins the Imperials and betrays the player characters to the Empire, reasoning that even if his actions result in the players being sent to an Imperial prison, it will be a small price to pay if it helps him to end the war. If Konur escaped the players at the end of Rebel Jedi or at some point prior to the players' arrival on Dathomir, the players track him to the world, and, by the time they arrive there, Konur has sided with the Empire.[2]

If one of the player characters handed in a lightsaber during the decontamination process on their arrival on Dathomir, it is that lightsaber that Vit gives to Konur when Vit orders the former Jedi to attack the agents. If none of the players handed in a lightsaber, the weapon that Vit gives to Konur is a lightsaber that was recovered from the remains of the Chu'unthor, a crashed Jedi starship. During combat with the agents, Konur initially attacks the strongest members of the group, striking first at any player character armed with a lightsaber, then at any Force-using player character who is not carrying a lightsaber. If no such characters are present, he first attacks the best fighter in the group. If he finds his chosen opponent difficult to take down, he calls upon the dark side of the Force to try to defeat them. It is then possible for the players to stop Konur by incapacitating or killing him, or by appealing to him to stop. If they manage to redeem him, he helps the agents to defeat Vit and then surrenders to them.[2]



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