The Dalkor Dagger[2] was a starship owned by the bounty hunter Ax Tagrin.[1]


During the First Order-Resistance War the Dalkor Dagger was used by Ax Tegrin to hunt resistance spies. On Varkana it was parked in the Vargo Spaceport, whilst Ax was hunting Norath Kev. Kev was captured and brought to the Dagger. After his capture, Ax used his ship as a trap to capture Kazuda Xiono and his friends.

The trap worked and so Jarek Yeager, Kazuda Xiono and CB-23 were trapped along with Norath. CB-23 overloaded the internal systems and so the ship crashed.

Behind the scenes[]

According to the Missing Agent Bucket's List episode, the Dalkor Dagger is shaped like the head of Ax Tagrin.

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