Dama Whitesun Brunk was a Human female from Tatooine.


She was the younger sister of Beru Whitesun Lars. Her brother was Haro Whitesun, and she may have had another sister called Coolie—though this may have been Luke Skywalker's nickname for Dama herself.

Dama owned and operated the Sidi Driss Inn, in Anchorhead, during the early days of the New Republic. She assisted Leia Organa Solo in attempting to recover the Killik Twilight.[1]

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After 0 BBY, Dama, like her brother,[2] hated the Imperials for killing her sister and brother-in-law.[1] Those close to Dama considered her trustworthy. She had a round face, hair the color of dust, and desert-scrubbed skin.[1]



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