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Damask Holdings maintained an accounting facility on the volcanic world of Mustafar in the Outer Rim Territories. It was used by Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious during the Clone Wars.


The facility was originally a reclamation station owned by Black Sun Boss Cabra. The Dug crime lord used it for the discreet disposal of enemies and evidence, a purpose for which Mustafar had long ago proven useful. It was eventually made available to Hego Damask and others, until it became an accounting facility for Damask Holdings. Damask kept custodial droids in the facility by 54 BBY.[3]

The young Darth Maul was raised and trained in the facility. The Dathomirian was taken care of by the custodian droids and personally tutored by Darth Sidious himself in the ways of the dark side. The young Zabrak also trained with his caretaker droid and was given a small room with only one small window that gave only a small view of the planet. It was then temporarily abandoned when Sidious and Maul departed for the Orsis Academy on Orsis. Maul would later return to train in the facility after he murdered everyone in the Academy.[4] He would use it again shortly after his dismantling of Black Sun.[3][5]

Sidious used this facility as a base of operations during his plan to kidnap Force-sensitive younglings with the assistance[6] of the Duros bounty hunter[7] Cad Bane.[6] Circa 21 BBY,[2] both the plot and the facility were discovered by Jedi Knight[8] Anakin Skywalker[6] and his Padawan,[8] Ahsoka Tano.[6] In an attempt to keep his involvement secret, Sidious ordered that the station's gravity supports be deactivated, allowing it to sink into the lava below. The two Jedi infiltrated the base, rescued the kidnapped younglings, and fled as it sank into one of Mustafar's lava flows.[6]



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