"I was a Star Trek fan first. But I've got to be honest, when Star Wars came out, I took down all Star Trek posters in my bedroom and plastered my wall with Star Wars. It took over our territory."
―Dan Madsen[src]

Dan Madsen is a former president of the Official Star Wars Fan Club and the founder and former publisher of the Star Wars Insider magazine. A journalistic writer, he contributed many of the interviews and pieces to the Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine as well as writing the "Making Of" book for The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV series. He made a cameo appearance in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace as a kaadu handler, dubbed Dams Denna in Star Wars Legends. He is the original producer and event organizer of the very first Star Wars Celebration in Denver, Colorado, in 1999.

He attended the Star Wars 10th anniversary convention, where he took the only known photograph of George Lucas meeting Gene Roddenberry.[1]


Year Title Contribution(s) Notes
1999 Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace Kaadu handler Uncredited


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