"What a rough place. No one respectable would be found here."
"Look, Niner, this is my kind of place. A good bar fight waiting to happen!"
―GT-9R and Tirog[src]

The Dancing Dewback was a cantina with a mostly non-Human clientele which operated during the Galactic Civil War. The protocol droid GT-9R visited the cantina on two recorded occasions: once while accompanying his master, a bounty hunter named Tirog; and once with the outlaw Dirk Harkness, a pilot named Rhen, a child named Cev Rees, and a bounty hunter called Thannik.


Dancing Dewback map

Sketch of the Dancing Dewback floor plan, during Thannik's meeting with a Devaronian seated as indicated.

The Dancing Dewback's dimly-lit main room was roughly square-shaped, with a floor space of about twenty square meters. There were fifteen booths and nine additional floor tables, plus seating at a large U-shaped bar extending from one wall to the center of the room. The main entrance was directly across from the bar.[1]

The Dancing Dewback had a mainly non-Human clientele.[2] Smugglers, gamblers, and spacers were among its customers. To a seasoned traveler used to an adventurous lifestyle, the potential for violence was apparent.[1][2]

A drink of lum at the bar cost two credits.[1] Another beverage on offer glowed red, with an apparent miniature electrical storm hovering above.[1][2]


Tirog's visitEdit

The protocol droid GT-9R and his master, a Human bounty hunter named Tirog, visited the cantina to meet with a Devaronian contact. When they arrived, the Devaronian was drinking a glowing red drink with what appeared to be a small electrical storm hovering overhead. Among the scores of other customers at the time were a group of Human smugglers or traders with a Wookiee companion, three Duros arguing over a game of sabacc, and a very intoxicated Gamorrean cursing in Gamorrese and punching the air.[2]

Thannik's visitEdit

"What a rough place. No one respectable would be found here."
"Look, Niner, this is my kind of place. A good bar fight waiting to happen!"
―GT-9R and Thannik[src]

GT-9R also visited the Dancing Dewback with another bounty hunter named Thannik, the outlaw Dirk Harkness, a pilot named Rhen, and a child named Cev Rees. When this group visited the cantina, it was less crowded, with about fifteen customers present. The purpose of this visit was also to meet with a Devaronian, who was also seen with a glowing red drink. A group of Human smugglers, their Wookiee companion, a trio of Duros gamblers, and a drunken Gamorrean were also present in the Dancing Dewback at this time.[1]

During this visit, Cev Rees picked the pocket of Fenn, one of the spacers at the bar. When Fenn noticed his wallet was missing, he found Rhen holding it as Rees melted into the crowd. Rhen claimed he had dropped it, and offered the burly spacer a drink in order to avoid any possible confrontation.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Dancing Dewback is used in examples of gameplay in the roleplaying game rulebooks Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition and Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded. The gameplay example describing the Dancing Dewback in the revised rulebook is an expanded version of the one in the previous book, with Tirog replaced by Thannik and with the addition of Dirk Harkness, Rhen, and Cev Rees.

No information is given which can determine a chronology for GT-9R's two visits, or show if the background characters seen during Tirog's visit can be considered the same as those during Thannik's.


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