"Agent, have you ever heard of the planet Dandoran? It's on the neighboring system, Doran."
Colonel Jennica Pierce, to her agent[1]

Dandoran was a lush and watery planet located in the Doran system,[3] within Hutt Space.[1] Throughout history, it was often used to hide cartel smuggling operations.[3] It was covered in crystal clear lakes and pristine forests.[6]


During the Galactic Civil War, Saponza, his partner, and Han Solo joined forces to raid a cartel den on Dandoran, which was hoarding medical supplies. At that time, Dandoran was the site of a conflict between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire.[1]

On a southern continent of Dandoran, the Empire also installed a secret research facility to produce Undead Troopers. At some point the Undead Troopers escaped, and Saponza and his partner were sent in to clear them out before they could spread across the whole galaxy.[1]

Jessika Pava, a human female who served as a X-wing fighter pilot for the Resistance, hailed from Dandoran.[7]

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Dandoran is the first planet unlocked after the player constructs the Planetary Command. Once unlocked the player can move their base there.



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