"So gaming was always your dream job?"
"And BioWare specifically. BioWare is what got me into making games. In fact, KOTOR specifically. Originally, I was a critic before I got into games (and to making games). I had degrees in Ancient History and Play Writing. Writing had always been a big passion of mine. It was actually playing the Mission/Zaalbar series from the original Knights of the Old Republic and going down the dark side path where you can actually have Zaalbar kill his lifelong friend. And I remember playing it, really being disgusted with what I had done and really feeling regret. Which was a very complex emotional concept from a game at that time. It really sparked me off, and it said, 'Okay, we're in the early days of storytelling in this medium but it's going somewhere, and I want to be a part of that.'"
―Daniel Erickson[src]

Daniel Erickson used to work for BioWare and was the lead writer for all storylines of Star Wars: The Old Republic. He also did an interview for the Star Wars Insider 126, entitled Writer's Republic.

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