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Daniel Keys Moran is a computer programmer and a science fiction writer, most famous for his own fiction series, the Tales of the Continuing Time. He has been the administrator of a number of websites and currently maintains the Daniel Keys Moran blog.

His Star Wars writing consisted of three short stories:

Published under the pseudonym J. D. Montgomery. — Editorial changes that were unacceptable to me were made to 'A Barve Like That,' which is why the 'J. D. Montgomery' pseudonym, but on balance it is perhaps not a bad story, and I won't disown it if people understand that the final product is only perhaps 80% mine. —DKM[source?]
I like my story. It's long enough to let me tackle a couple of characters—Solo and Boba Fett—in something approaching depth; and Lucasfilm messed with me less on this story than on either of the two previous. —DKM[source?]
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