Danoor was a planet in the Nah'Malis system located within the Kathol Outback.


Danoor's landmasses were green, blue, brown and red, with white and gray clouds.



Danoor was colonized in roughly 92 BBY by a group of scientists who intended to use the planet as an outpost from which they could study the Kathol Rift. No specific government had sent them, and they were all united by the common goal to study the mysteries of the Rift.

More colonists, learning about the beauty and natural resources to be had on Danoor, and the fact that there was no central government, flocked to the planet. Most of the early colonists were farmers, seeking to live off the land, but eventually small businesses followed. The people started to gather into town groups, but still no central government was formed.


In 22 BBY, a rogue asteroid from the Duhrib Belt hit the planet, killing half a million people and devastating the planet through quakes, floods and ash clouds. The survivors called for centralized government to aid in the rebuilding of the planet. One minister for each grouping of five hundred thousand citizens was elected to a governing body that would be responsible for defense, policing, taxation, and financial aid. Realizing that they need extra funds to rebuild the planet, the government opened Danoor to businesses from across the sector. They offered them special concessions to set up on the planet, although the companies were free to act however they pleased without restriction. The Danoor government accrued enough credits to begin the rebuilding work.

Contact with the FarStarEdit

In 8 ABY, a ship calling itself the Lance of Endor entered orbit around Danoor and proclaimed it was a representative of the New Republic. The ship was actually the Lialic II, a corvette allied to Moff Kentor Sarne, posing as a New Republic vessel in order to stir up resentment towards the galactic government. In a communication to Danoor's leaders, Captain Rolf Treidum demanded the surrender of the government, an annual tribute equal to half the colony's gross income, and ten percent of the population to be used as slave labor.

A week later, the FarStar, a true New Republic vessel, entered orbit of the planet seeking to locate a navigator who could take them into the Rift. Believing that the FarStar was a follow up to the initial demand, the government of Danoor treated them with disdain and suspicion. Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum managed to convince the government that they were not allied with the Lance of Endor, and that the Lance did not represent the New Republic. However, the government required a show of good faith, and asked the FarStar to recover a mining droid that they had lost in the Duhrib Belt. The crew agreed to the request, and recovered the mining droid. With their good faith shown, the crew were directed to a navigator, Makezh.

Unfortunately, Minister Nane was in league with Captain Treidum, and had signaled the Imperial captain when the FarStar had arrived as per their standing agreement. This arrangement led to a battle between the FarStar and Sarne's forces.



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