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"Recently disclosed documents and testimony from a captured Thalassian slaver on Gyndine have implicated four Outer Rim Senators as profiting from slaving ventures in their sectors."
―The HoloNet News reporting on Senator Ledwellow's involvement with slavers[src]

Danry Ledwellow was a male Er'Kit senator who represented his home world and the Noonian sector in the Galactic Senate of the Republic during the Separatist Crisis. Ledwellow, a fradulent politician, allowed a Thalassian slaver organization—illegal in the Republic—to operate in the Noonian sector while the he received kickbacks from the Thalssians. In 22 BBY, Republic officials discovered—along with fellow Senators Tikkes, Bufus Ritsomas, and Wuja Wojaine—that Wojaine was collaborating with the slavers, resulting in all four senators being arrested on corruption charges, as well as having their positions censured.


"Senator Tikkes (Mon Calamari), Senator Bufus Ritsomas (Till Chorios), Senator Danry Ledwellow (Er'kit) and Senator Wuja Wojaine (Pydyr) were all implicated."
―The HoloNet News[src]

A male Er'Kit,[1] Danry Ledwellow was the Senator of the planet Er'Kit and the Noonian sector in the Outer Rim Territories, representing the sector in the Senate of the Galactic Republic[2] during the Separatist Crisis, when a variety of worlds and corporations began to secede from the Republic in mass.[3] Ledwellow was a corrupt individual, and during his career in the Senate, the politician struck a deal with the Thalassian slavers, one of the bloodiest and richest slave organizations in the Outer Rim. Ledwellow would allow the Thalassians to operate in the Noonian Sector—illegal under Republic laws—while the Senator received kickbacks from the slavers for turning a blind-eye to their activities.[2]

However, in 22 BBY, Republic officials discovered that Ledwellow was participating in the slavery ring after a Thalassian captured on Gyndine agreed to testify against the Senator. Ledwellow—along with fellow Senators Tikkes, Wuja Wojaine, and Bufus Ritsomas, who were also working with the Thalassians unbeknownst to Ledwellow—was arrested by Republic officials. Ledwellow and the other Senators caught up in the investigation had their seats in the Senate suspended and were detained at their respective embassies on the Republic's capital planet Coruscant.[2]

Later that year, a week before Ledwellow's scheduled arraignment, Senator Tikkes escaped from the Mon Calamari Embassy, causing security at the Er'Kit Embassy to be increased to discourage Ledwellow from attempting to escape himself.[4] The Thalassian slavers scandal and Ledwellow's part in it were later reported on by the HoloNet News in a pair of articles.[2][4]

Personality and traits[]

Danry Ledwellow was a crooked and dishonest politician who was willing to allow a highly illegal and dangerous slaving trade to conduct business in his home sector in exchange for bribe money. However, this ultimately led to Ledwellow's downfall, as he was later arrested for his crimes.[2]

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Danry Ledwellow first appeared in the in-universe HoloNet News Vol. 531 50 article Senators Implicated in Slave Ring and later appeared in the HoloNet News Vol. 531 51 article Senator Tikkes Jumps Bail. Senator Ledwellow was later given his own entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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