"Ah. It is a rare antiquity from the days of the Old Republic."
―Danta Belissa[src]

Danta Belissa was a food and souvenir merchant operating on Cloud City's level 120, just about the seedy Port Town. His small restaurant served spicy Corellian food for the administrative personnel who worked on the level. The restaurant was tucked away in a remote corner, but near the nexus of many breezeways so the scent of food carried many meters. Dishes at the restaurant included roast kelbird and fried dinnd. While Belissa's wife and daughter did most of the cooking, he ran the souvenir and antique shop nearby, which employed five full time workers since 0 ABY.

Starting around 1 ABY, Belissa was forced to pay protection money to Port Town's biggest criminal, Wonn Ionstrike. Reporting this to the authorities helped little since corrupt local officer Jerrol Blendin expected money from Belissa, as well. He was in the midst of packing up his shop when he uncovered an exposed gas conduit which piped harvested tibanna to other levels. By attaching a small siphon to the pipe, Belissa could sell bootleg tibanna gas to those who knew where to get it. The extra income saved his business. Belissa was still keeping the siphon secret from Blendin and Ionstrike when Lando Calrissian called for an evacuation upon the Galactic Empire's takeover of Cloud City.

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The character of Danta Belissa first appeared in the 1989 first edition of the West End Games sourcebook Galaxy Guide 3: The Empire Strikes Back as an example of a standard Cloud City citizen, and was only given roleplaying stats. The 1996 second edition of the sourcebook included a full profile of Belissa as part of a major expansion by Pablo Hidalgo.

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