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"Dantooine? That's in the middle of nowhere."
"That's the whole point. Where else could the rebels hide?"
―Thane Kyrell and an Imperial officer[src]

Dantooine was a planet in the Outer Rim Territories within the Galactic Republic and later the Galactic Empire.

History[edit | edit source]

High Republic Era[edit | edit source]

Around 232 BBY,[13] the Galactic Republic space station Starlight Beacon prepared to open. Among the areas of its biosphere zone was a recreation of Dantooine jungle, which was toured by Jedi Padawan Bell Zettifar while he attended a conclave there. The Great Disaster, an incident in which the freighter Legacy Run was destroyed in hyperspace, occurred soon afterwards. In the aftermath, Emergences of the starship's debris into realspace began occurring at random throughout the Outer Rim Territories, leading Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh to institute an extensive hyperspace blockade to prevent further disasters. The eighteenth Emergence occurred near Dantooine, prompting the blockade to be extended another fifty parsecs. Another one of the first twenty-one Emergences destroyed an orbital shipping facility near the planet which had been coordinating a large aid shipment to Outer Rim worlds affected by the blockade.[14]

Clone Wars[edit | edit source]

"I've just received a distress signal from our forces on Dantooine. Master Windu's defenses held, but at a great cost to his men. They need medical supplies immediately."

A crucial Galactic Republic battlefront[15] during the Clone Wars, Jedi Master Mace Windu led a battle on Dantooine; however, many of his troopers were injured. Windu's forces sent out a distress signal and awaited a delivery of medical supplies from Padawans Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee. However, Tano and Offee were unable to make the delivery due to an infestation of Geonosian brain worms aboard their frigate, TB-73.[11]

Imperial era[edit | edit source]

During the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire, Dantooine was an Alliance to Restore the Republic regional headquarters and operations sector. Dantooine was included in a map of the galaxy that listed safe worlds, starfighter hubs at level five or higher, regional headquarters and operations sectors, and deep space caches. The map was then incorporated in The Rebel Files.[16]

In 2 BBY, during the early rebellion, the former Imperial Senator and rebel leader Mon Mothma made arrangements for the rebel fleet to rendezvous above Dantooine. She wanted to unify the disparate rebel cells and factions and make official the Rebel Alliance. With the help of Phoenix Leader Hera Syndulla and the Spectres, Mothma managed to travel through the dangerous Archeon pass to Dantooine. Above Dantooine, Mothma gave an impassioned HoloNet speech urging the galaxy to rise up in rebellion against the Empire. Shortly later, the rebel fleet converged above Dantooine.[17]

Galactic Civil War[edit | edit source]

"Dantooine. They're on Dantooine."
―Leia Organa, lying about the location of the Rebel base[src]

The Rebel Alliance established their first base on Dantooine.

Shortly before the Galactic Civil War, the Rebellion used the planet as the location[7] of their first base.[6] By the time of the Battle of Scarif, that base had been abandoned, and the Rebels had established their headquarters on the jungle moon Yavin 4, a location that was already in use by Jan Dodonna's rebel cell.[18]

When Princess Leia Organa was held captive on the Death Star, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin threatened to destroy her home planet of Alderaan if she did not provide him with the location of the Rebellion's secret base. Organa then lied to him, disclosing the location of the then-current base as Dantooine. Tarkin, impatient to try out the Death Star's superlaser at full capacity, deemed Dantooine "too remote to make an effective demonstration" and ordered the destruction of Alderaan anyway.[7] Nonetheless, Imperial forces, led by General Cassio Tagge,[10] reconnoitered Dantooine, only to find the remains of the abandoned Rebel base. Upon learning this, Tarkin ordered Organa's immediate execution.[7] Thane Kyrell was one of those who were sent to explore Dantooine, and he was surprised by the level of organization and sophistication he saw in the abandoned base.[5]

First Order blockade[edit | edit source]

"This is Dantooine. The First Order has taken control of the planet, creating a blockade and cutting off all range communications."
―Venisa Doza[src]

Dantooine during the war between the First Order and the Resistance

Following the outbreak of the war against the Resistance, the First Order, a remnant of the "Old Empire," occupied and blockaded Dantooine. The Resistance Commander Venisa Doza led a mission to evacuate several Resistance sympathizers. Doza's Jade Squadron and the Ace Squadron pilots Torra Doza, Kazuda Xiono, and Hype Fazon managed to eliminate a squadron of TIE fighters blockading Dantooine.[12]

They managed to rendezvous with three Resistance shuttles but were attacked by Commander Pyre's Resurgent-class Star Destroyer. Though Jade Squadron and the Aces managed to destroy several TIEs and evacuate two shuttles, one shuttle was shot down by First Order TIE Fighter Pilot Jace Rucklin.[12]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Rogue One concept art of Y-wings on Dantooine

Dantooine was first mentioned in the 1977 film Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, the first installment of the Star Wars original trilogy.[7] Stories from Star Wars Legends, particularly the Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: The New Jedi Order, provided extensive details both about the planet's composition and history, within the Legends context.

Early versions of the 2015 sequel trilogy film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens had the First Order converting Dantooine into their superweapon and retrofitting the abandoned Rebel base for their own purposes, having been previously retrofitted by the Galactic Empire. The superlaser was set inside an old volcano, stealing energy from the suns of the system, with X-wing fighters trying to dive-bomb into it. Literally and metaphorically bringing more darkness to the galaxy, the base's name was to be the "Doom Star."[19]

Initially, the evacuation of the Dantooine Rebel base was to be featured in the 2016 Star Wars Anthology film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but didn't make the cut due to budget constraints.[20]

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