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The Dantooine Incursion, also known as the Nova Blade Assault,[5] was an engagement between the reconstituted Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic during the Third Galactic War,[4] occurring circa 3630 BBY.[source?]


The reconstituted Sith Empire saw Dantooine as an immediate threat due to its location at the edge of Imperial Space, making it a highly effective base of operations for the Galactic Republic. Furthermore, the once insignificant agricultural world quickly became a major supply contributor for the Republic's forces in the Outer Rim Territories following the revolt against the Eternal Empire. During the opening stages of the Third Galactic War, sometime after the Invasion of Ossus, the Empire, under the advisement of Darth Xarion, hired the pirate gang known as the Nova Blades to attack the planet. With the pirates providing a sufficient distraction, the Sith Empire inserted a small subversive task force of their own with the intent to selectively cripple infrastructure and sabotage the Republic's military response to the pirate threat.[4]

The battleEdit

The Nova Blades' invasion of Dantooine was swift and surprising, originally taking the Republic garrison off guard. Meanwhile, the Sith Empire succeeded in the covert infiltration of Dantooine. The pirate forces actively plundered the planet, showing no discernment between Republic or Imperial Forces.



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