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This Rebel base was the first base used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic and was located on the planet Dantooine in 2 BBY. It was prefabricated and located near the Jedi Enclave, where it was intended only to be a temporary base for the Alliance. In 1 BBY, the alliance planned to hold Darth Vader hostage here, after he had been captured on Kamino. Not long after the alliance abandoned it when an Imperial listening device was discovered in the cargo of a vessel docking there.[1] Leia Organa revealed its existence to the Empire when she was captured, but a survey team soon found it and confirmed that it had been abandoned and was not the current Rebel base as she had claimed.[2]

Leia, Mon Mothma and Ackbar, would all secretly visit it again in 1 ABY, where they employed an unknown spacer to fulfill a number of tasks.[3]

In 11 ABY it was completly destroyed from orbital bombardment by Imperial Admiral Natasi Daala.

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