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"Whose side are you on?"
―Roohd, making a snide remark to Senator Amidala[src]

Dantum Roohd was a male Human Senator who served in the Galactic Senate of the Republic during the Clone Wars. In 21 BBY, he was present during bounty hunter Cad Bane's raid on the Senate in order to free Ziro the Hutt. He voiced his opinion against Padmé Amidala and her colleagues' efforts to bring about peace.



Roohd voicing his opinion in the Senate

Dantum Roohd was present in the Galactic Senate lobby in 21 BBY discussing the Enhanced Privacy Invasion Bill. He was also present during the Senate hostage crisis along with other Senators and was taken hostage by bounty hunter Cad Bane, who wanted to exchange their freedom for the release of Ziro Desilijic Tiure.[2]

After the Hutt crime lord was freed, Bane and his team set the charges in the room the senators were held in and left the building. Once safely away, Bane detonated the charges, but the Senators were saved by the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, who managed to get them away to a safe distance right before the explosion.[2]

When Senator Amidala and her like-minded colleagues pressed for their campaign to decrease troop production, Roohd constantly voiced against Amidala.

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Roohd's costume design is similar to another senator's design, Giddean Danu.[1]



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