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Dao Stryver was a Gektl female Mandalorian warrior who was active during the Cold War. She enabled Lema Xandret to bring herself and her followers to Sebaddon and was thought to have disappeared into a black hole during the Independent Operation Sebaddon, but later tracked down Jet Nebula in a cantina on Tatooine after the operation's end. She later became a member of the Star Cabal.

She was one of Mandalore's champions.

During the battle of Corellia while a meeting of the Star Cabal took place in the Star Chamber space station, The Prince tried to appease Kolovish and Yem Leksende due to their loss on Corellia by stating that Stryver was already working with the Mandalorians.

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Along with grey and green Mandalorian armor made to fit her large frame, Stryver used a flame thrower mounted on her left wrist, a Jetpack, a collapsible shock stave, a hand-held Disruptor pistol, a net launcher with interchangeable razornets and electronets, vibroblades, a concussion missile launcher, a restraining bolt launcher, Stun Darts and a blaster rifle.

Behind the scenes[]

Dao Stryver first appeared in the book Fatal Alliance by Sean Williams, and this is her only appearance to date. In the Dramatis Personae section, she is listed as a Mandalorian male, however in the epilogue of the book, Stryver is revealed to be a female Gektl.



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