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Dao Stryver was a Gektl female Mandalorian warrior who was active during the Cold War. She enabled Lema Xandret to bring herself and her followers to Sebaddon and was thought to have disappeared into a black hole during the Independent Operation Sebaddon, but later tracked down Jet Nebula in a cantina on Tatooine after the operation's end. She later became a member of the Star Cabal.

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Weapons and Equipment[edit | edit source]

Along with grey and green Mandalorian armor made to fit her large frame, Stryver used a flame thrower mounted on her left wrist, a Jetpack, a collapsible shock stave, a hand-held Disruptor pistol, a net launcher with interchangeable razornets and electronets, vibroblades, a concussion missile launcher, a restraining bolt launcher, Stun Darts and a blaster rifle.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Dao Stryver first appeared in the book Fatal Alliance by Sean Williams, and this is her only appearance to date. In the Dramatis Personae section, she is listed as a Mandalorian male, however in the epilogue of the book, Stryver is revealed to be a female Gektl.

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